need help with boots opinions

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  1. I absolutely love flat boots. Out of the ones you posted I love # 1 and #2 the best.

    I think they will look great in real life... and so cute with skinny jeans!

    I own Dolce vita and fry shoes and they are all True 2 size.
  2. I love the Juicy boots. They are my fav by far. I can't speak to the fit though.
  3. thanks for ur inputs! i also really like the juicy ones..... i tried to look for them @ Neimans or bloomies to try on in person but havent had luck yet....
  4. I like the dolce vita ones the best! and they run TTS!
  5. I dont own any of those but the dolce vita are awesome. I hope you get them.
  6. argggggh while spending my time deciding the juicy and the dolce vita ran out of size 9 in brown!!!! :cursing: am keeping an eye on them hopefully my size will come back.....:s
  7. Don't know if your interested but jcrew has basically all of their boots on sale, with an additional 20% of the sale price, and it seems that a 9 is offered in most of the styles.
  8. I really like #1 and #2 the best by far!
  9. the dolce and juicy boots are nice, but i still prefer a little heel to my boots. they just elongate the legs and ofcourse, give height too. :smile:

    however, if you are just looking for flat boot, i like the dolce vita ones better.
  10. Oh I love the frye in black! Those are my fav! Model the boots when you get them! dying to see!