Need help with bathroom colors!!

  1. I'm trying to match my master bathroom with my room..if you remember my other thread I just redid my bed room with a old Hollywood look. I want to put the saying in my bathroom "keep calm and carry on" and make it very Hollywood/shabby. I can't decide which colors to do..I really like the aqua color but my other bathroom is that color and also in my living room. So I think I need to do another color? What are your ladies thought? Which color? I was thinking of the purple color and do black, purple, grey and white?
    This is the colors of the poster and I will be putting the poster in a vintage/shabby chic frame.
  2. Anyone ;)
  3. Are you just painting or redoing tile, countertops, etc? If more than paint, I'd go out and look at tile and slab first (probably slab first, then tile), so you can base colors around that. I say that bc I ended up with a completely different color scheme in my bathroom remodel than I thought. I thought I'd go blue or green but ended up with grey.

    What about a plum color for the bathroom? It looks like your sheets might be sort of plum. We did our powder room in sort of a plum/eggplant and it looks great!
  4. No I'm not painting or redoing the tile...I'm just redoing it with towels and the framed keep calm and probably some other things. Plum and grey is my first choice just want to get some other opinions of other colors and which framed keep calm to do as well.
  5. I really like colour 9, we have a similar mossy green in our dining room and I find it very relaxing. It goes really well with oak furniture so that might be a nice colour of frame. It also looks great with cream.

    IMO the other colours are either too dark or too gaudy. The aqua is nice, but it might be nice to have a bit of variation.
  6. Have you been to You can build your palette around a color you select on the first page. Also, sherwin williams has a chip-it plug in that allows you to input a photograph and it gives you paint chip colors to match it, for example if you have a photograph or something like a greeting card, seed packet, swatch of fabric, etc. You can use either of these to help you get some ideas :tup:

    I used a Behr color called Metro in my bathroom, and it is beautiful. A muted dusty purple that is hard to describe, but it goes well with my granite, which has some grey, rust, and aqua in it. I love color so I was happy to be bold with the choices, and that particular Metro color is beautiful and at the same time doesnt fight with the other colors in the room.

    good luck!
  7. Ok I finally got my keep calm frame up in my bathroom...these are the towels I found today I bought the bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Now how do you think I should display them? I'm probably going to go get solid colored ones as well they just didn't have then were I you think these towels go? Everything else in my bathroom is black like the rug is a shaggy black rug and the bath room accessories as well...can someone help me figure out how to display my towels ;)

  8. Anyone?!?
  9. Hmmm... You might want to play with purple and black and maybe gray solid towels of varying lengths and layer them.

    I like to use dark wash cloths and mid-toned towels so they show less dirt. My decorative towels are displayed on top of the larger solid towels, 2 across. On the shower door, I hang one towel and one washcloth. It's dry here so I can fold the wet towel in thirds and it still gets dry.

    I don't use the decorative towels, so that they stay nice.

    When I picked out the towels, I spent a couple of hours in Bed, Bath and Beyond arranging different towels on their tables until I got the pattern I wanted. And I brought in my paint chips.

    So under the sign, you could do a decorative hand towel on top of a purple bath towel, then if you have room, do that again so that it's two across, if it's not too bulky. You could do a contrasting bath towel on the shower with a black washcloth.

    You might want to put a hand towel on a small hook beside the sink so you don't get the toilet seat wet after you wash your hands.

  10. So I found some towels to go with my bathroom decor...but I don't know how to display them here are a few way I did them which looks better?




  11. #3, but I don't know about the reddish one. I'd try making the patterned one smaller (fold in thirds, maybe, and raise up the bottom), then maybe doing that arrangement two across (2 bath solid on bottom, 2 decorative on top) to fill up the bar.
  12. the second way is good
  13. The third picture, but without the grey towel behind it. I like two stacked on top of each other and also two of these double towels side by side so the whole towel rack is being utilized. Wow... reading back this came out sooo bossy. lol. No wonder my husband thinks I'm particular. :lol:
  14. Try searching Art Deco style for some ideas.

    Is there a chance the framed "Keep Calm" can be relocated? It would be fun to see it reflected in the mirror. The proportion seems off to me but if it works for you leave it and enjoy. I think hanging it higher if you decide to leave it on that wall may look better and I think it is too close to the towel rack.

    Would you be willing to paint the vanity?
  15. I think the towels are nice - plain white might work too, with maybe a colour/pattern in a smaller towel in there for good measure. Coloured squares in a towel might work as well, and give a nice strong contrast to your frame?

    Is there anywhere else the handtowel rail can go? (as your 'Keep Calm and Carry On' frame can carry that wall as it is imo...)