Need Help with Bags in InStyle Mag - Sept. Issue

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  1. There are several bags in the September issues of InStyle Magazine that I like but it doesn't indicate who made the bags. Maybe, some of you can help me.

    Some of these bags are in the first 20 pages of advertisements.

    Now there is a beautiful blue/navy Tod's bag (satchel style) on the right side . Do you know which one it is?

    Then on page 200 on the left, there is a lady holding a black satchel type bag and it looks to have braided handles. I really love this one. Any ideas?

    Then there is one on the left, page 232. It looks like a brown/black large tote.

    If you have any ideas what these bags are, I would appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  2. Debbie,

    I could not find the Tod's bag you mentioned in my issue.

    However, the bag you like on page 200 is a COACH Daphne Satchel:

    eBay: New COACH DAPHNE LARGE LEATHER SATCHEL PURSE 3569 BLACK (item 110020794898 end time Aug-19-06 14:38:58 PDT)

    The bag on page 232 I am not sure about, but since it's shown with Stella McCartney clothing, I would guess it's one of hers.

    Stella McCartney

  3. Here is the link to the Tod's:
    Neiman Marcus* -*Besonville Media

    The color on the pic looks off, but it's the same. I think that one on p. 200 is Coach. Let me try to find the others.

    Doh! I just saw Roo's answers, and she is spot on, I think! Hope that helps!
  4. Thanks Roo and TLN. I really appreciate it.
  5. Can someone please please please post a picture of this bag? I have a feeling it's the same blue Tod's that I saw a picture of in WWD a while ago, but I lost the picture of it, and I want to emal Tod's and ask about it.

    I would appreciate it so much! :flowers:
  6. Here's the photo from the NM link.


    Is that what you needed? I don't have the bag, so I can't post a live photo. In the ad, it looks like a jewel tone, sort of. Very beautiful!
  7. Thanks tln. :smile:

    I'm looking for the pic of the Tod's in a vivid dark blue... I think it may be the one you're describing! I can't find it anywhere, but I'm beginning to suspect that Tod's has this bag in more than one blue... one navy and one sort of royal blue... Maybe I should email them?
  8. I think the Besonville is the one you want. In the ad, it looked almost Sapphire blue...very vibrant. It is the one that they are using in all of the campaign ads right now, I know that. The stock photos that NM uses can be pretty misleading in terms of color sometimes, and I think that may be the case here.
  9. That is the bag that I saw in the ad. I love it. It's a bit on the pricey side but I'm sure it's worth it. I'm going to try and hold out until I can see it in person over Labor Day.
  10. Debbie,
    I think Tod's is always worth it! You might check on ebay every once and a while....I have seen some newer bags pop up lately. I just got a Miky Nomade Media, and I am wondering why I didn't splurge earlier! It is an awesome bag, and won't be dated in a few years either!

    If you get it, will you post photos? I'm curious about what the blue actually looks like. :flowers: