Need help with bag with oversized gold zippers

  1. I recently saw this woman at starbucks with a cute tote. It was black leather with really oversized gold zippers in the front. Very chloe-ish. Anyway, I need to find this bag. Anyone have any idea what bag it could be?

    Also, I'm really looking for a great everyday bag to carry around. I'm interested in the black leather kooba hudson and this MJ's bag I forgot the name. I really want to take advantage of all the sales going around, but I can't exactly afford more than one bag. I can't go into debt yet again! haha. :sweatdrop:
    I need a bag that is large enough to carry my crap around and has potential to get a lot of mileage out of it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!:yes:
  2. Are you in NYC? I think the bags with the big zippers aren't any brand - they're just sold on the street. I see them being sold on the street allllll the time, around SoHo/NoHo. They could be knockoffs, but I've never seen an "authentic" one in any department stores. If that's the case then you're in luck because it's probably not that expensive at all.
  3. Those big zipper bags are sold on the streets and in mall kiosks. Some of them you will see will say Dolce & Gabbana or Chloe on them, but neither companies ever made such a bag. There have been a few threads about this bag before. It's basically a no name creation that occasionally surfaces with a brand attached to it. If you want one, your bet bet is to buy a nameless one from a mall kiosk or eBay.