Need Help with Ava decision!

  1. Geez, I sure wish the sun would come out at the Jersey beaches soon because I just can't stop getting in handbag trouble on these cloudy days...

    I decided I could not rest unless I had taken advantage of the fantastic 60% off Chloe prices at Nordies, so I started making some calls. The paddys were pretty much gone, and I have so many that I switched focus to the Ava. Ever since I saw the picture Megs posted I really started to eye this one. Well at first everyone said Ava wasn't in the sale,,, then it was. So I found a mocha at Bellevue Nordies and they were going to send it. Then I realized that the one they had on sale was the tall North South and the one Megs pictured with the double handles and the shoulder strap was actually the East West. So I called Nordies back and they said that the East West wasn't on sale as far as they knew but Jamie said she would check on that. The price of the North South was only about $715 (retail on these bags is $1800). So then I went to NAP and they did have the east west on sale at 40% off, $1040 and no tax so I ordered that one just in case. Hopefully Nordies will get back to me by Monday, but I have a feeling it will be a no. So I need your help, the North South at $715 plus tax or the East West at $1040? The color of the bags is the same, mocha, as pictured on the east west.
    chloe north south.jpg chloe-ava-leather-tote.jpg
  2. Did you try bloomies? You should call Robert in SF bloomies, their east/west ava's are 40% of + an extra 15% off. Last I heard they had the moka in medium! I belive he's there now...
  3. I have the east/west large in antilope and honestly I would prefer the north/south but I need the third strap so my hands can be free when I'm out my kids; but I gotta say at $715 I may just have both!!!
  4. I love the look of the East West!
  5. Another PFer found me one at Saks, so I ordered the East West there for $840, which is about 53% off. I think that is a little better than the Bloomies price so I'll leave that one in place. Cancelled NAP order, You girls are the best. I appreciate the help.
  6. I'm going to take the north south from Nordies and the east west from Saks then try to decide which to keep. I know sometimes its really different in person. Ali what do you like about the north south--is it bigger? Since both will be in moka I don't think keeping them both is an option!!
  7. personally, i think the north/south one is cuter!:p
  8. I just bought a north/south in Moka from Nordies, but I think it is going back. I don't like that the fastener for the frontpeice is up near the top of the bag, and you can't use it unless the bag is completely full. If you have a normal amount of stuff in the bag, the frontpeice just has to hang loose. And then it doesn't have that smart, tailored look which is what I love about the bag.
  9. Thanks for that info katmb, I may have realized that too late, I'll definitely try the bag with my usual amount of stuff to see how it hangs, from the pictures though I'm still leaning toward the east west.
  10. I like them both. The Ava really does look so soft and smooshy. I thought I liked the east/west better but that north/south is really growing on me. I think I actually like it better. Whichever you choose you can't go wrong. They are both really nice. I'm so glad you found what you were looking for. Aren't the people on this forum the best? Enjoy!
  11. The east west is cute, the north south looks like you'll be forever swinging that long thick brown strap around while you are looking for your stuff at the bottom of the bag
  12. I like it because It's huge. I have a thing for big bags:rolleyes:.
  13. I fell in love with the Ava when I saw it IRL at Saks, kept thinking about it, saw pics in this forum and purchased it at 30%--my SA honored the next markdown of 33%, so I got a great deal (around $900 total). I purchased the large east/west in antelope, well I absolutely fell in love with that bag, loved the leather, but it is hugh and I don't want to carry it all the time, so I ordered the shoulder flap Ava from Neimans at $500ish.....I really LOVE BOTH BAGS!! I especially like the shoulder flap Ava, and I thought I wouldn't like it at all. Both are antelope, but a different look. Every time I carry these bags, I get many compliments. I'm lovin' Ava!!
    Now I'm thinking about the North/South in Mocha.............hide my credit cards!!
  14. Is the shoulder strap you mentioned the east west I pictured, or the one that looks more like a shoulder bag. How did you get $500?