Need help with a troubled customer!!:(

  1. Sorry I didn't know where to put this... so I hope here is ok.

    The story:

    I had a lot of designer denim in my own closet (from stores) that I sold in a lot (because I didn't want them anymore).

    I had a client who wanted them and bought them so she could resell to make a few extra bucks.

    She got them and LOVED them. I mean she was ecstatic and wanted to keep them for herself, but was in a bind for cash.

    So there was about 10 pairs of different styles, plus a juicy bag, and a coach wallet in the package that she bought from me.

    She sold about 3 pairs until she emailed me saying that some of the jeans were really hard to sell because they were no longer in style where she's from. I said sorry I cannot give a refund because it's been more than 3 days (which my policy is loud and clear for). My policy is 3 days because who knows that she could wear them out and try to sell them back to me and since they had no tags to begin with, I made sure she understood that.
    So she's all frustrated because I won't refund her money - mind you she wanted ALL of her money back when she's used the purse and wallet and sold 3 pairs of jeans.

    So she keeps complaining how it's hard to sell designer jeans in a small town, but I can't do anything about that.

    Next thing I know, she opens a dispute through paypal. Paypal is still under review for it.

    But nonetheless, she ships the merch back. I didn't open the package and just returned it to her. Paypal hasn't even made their final orders yet and the claim is still under review and she did that. I emailed her and told her that I returned it to her because if I kept it and opened it and paypal ends in my favor i'd have to ship it back on my cost.

    So she threatened me saying that if I held onto the package one more day then i'll understand why she shipped it back.

    She's threated to 'sue' me before but we're on opposite sides of the country and the package was sold for only 600... for 10 pairs of jeans (I use to be a denim FREAK) a designer bag, and a wallet.

    What should I do about this?
  2. This is precisely why I donate all my things. The hassel is not worth the $. Sorry your going through this. Good luck!
  3. Darn, I am sorry you are going through this. But I don't think it is fair you should refund her. I mean c'mon she already sold 3 pairs of pants, and used the bag. Keep fighting with Paypal, but don't refund her.
  4. Thanks,

    I'll definitely keep fighting paypal. But that's not what i'm worried about. She's threated to sue me and take me to small claims court. It's not that I have anything to hide there, but I just don't want to bother with the time off work and fee's. Should I be worried about this? That she might want to sue me? Or is there something stopping this bazaar outrageous lady?

    Extremely funny thing though:
    She open the dispute as a "non-receipt" item, but claims that they are fake and that she doesn't like them.

    Well, how do you know if it's a non-receipt. I never told her that, but that's what she did and it's hilarious.

    You know what, you're totally right though. I should've donated them. It's definitely not worth the money. I just thought since I invested so much in them letting them go for really cheap. I mean, c'mon... 600 for a coach (long) wallet, a juicy bag, and 10 pairs for designer jeans from j brand-true religion's... She got a wicked steal even if those items were worn. I just wanted the extra cash to possibly get a nice bag. :biggrin:
  5. i think she's just threatening you... i know $600 is a lot, in the end it's not really worth it to try and sue you because of the fees involved.

    i think you should fight it with paypal. keep all records of correspondence from her... that can be proof for paypal that you clearly informed her of your policies, and of the fact that she sold some items already.

    i wish you best of luck... i hope paypal rules in your favor, and rids you of this 'difficult' customer.
  6. okay thanks a lot for your advice!

    Because I definitely don't want to go through all of that crap! But it's true, is it worth it for her to spend thousands of dollars trying to get 600 back...

    God! I hate people like that. I even knocked off the shipping cost because she purchased ALL of the items I wanted gone... oh yeah, I was moving too that's why I had to sell. :sad:
  7. Definitely keep a copy of your policy for paypal - if its on your site or if you sent it to her via email because then she really has nothing to say once you show that to paypal.
  8. Thanks.

    I used my gmail account which they save all our chat logs together. And it states clearly that she should check the items when they get to her so in case of any shipping damages or what not, we can deal with it then. Otherwise I can't take them back because they may have been worn.

    I'll print that and fax it over to paypal.

    But i'm not too worried anymore. The paypal thing is under control and I don't think she's THAT crazy in wanting to go to small claims court, and even if she is... she'd have to come here.
  9. That's totally ludicrous! Yet, another eBay/paypal horror story! Sorry you had to go through this!

    What will she be sueing you for exactly??? I can't believe she wants a refund because she can't sell some of the things she bought from you. What does she think you are? A store? And she's used the bag and wallet? She's even sold some of the items and yet she wants all her money back?

    This lady is a total wacko! I don't think you should worry about her suing you! Just worry about paypal and make sure they don't do something stupid. If they do, you should sue her!

    Give this nut a big fat negative for her troubles!
  10. If she is strapped for cash, it does not seem she will sue you. She sounds like a bully, all mouth and no action. I would fight her thru Paypal. Just the fact that she sold 3 pairs and made money on the deal would discredit her. She can't return the items in the condition in which she received them. It's not your fault she can not sell the ermeaining pairs in her hometown. It sounds like a scam.

    I would save all her e-mails and stop responding and then forward them to Paypal if they ask. You did nothing wrong. She is unprofessional.
    Geez I hate the riff raff on eBay now.

    Sorry for your aggravation but I thnk you will prevail. It's just such a hassle to have this happen.

  11. You have her emails saying she received them and loved them. That's all you need for PayPal. PayPal will rule in your favor as long as you provide them the emails as proof of receipt.

    Her threats are just empty, and in fact I would block her from emailing you. Who needs the headache of having to read them.:yucky:
  12. Hold your ground and do not refund her money! Your policy stated 3 days for a return, she is trying to intimidate and annoy you into taking the return. Good Luck!
  13. Oh, it is a good thing you used Gmail in this case then! I love the way it keeps email correspondence as conversations! have a clear 3 day policy you can prove to paypal, right? thats good.
    2.she has already sold 3 pair of jeans, and you can prove it, right? good.
    3.she has already used the bag and wallet? you have email proof? good.
    4.she filed non-receipt? but has the items? shows her stupidity. good.
    5.she sub-files under 'fake', is there a way to prove they are real?
    receipts or anything? either way, you have email correspondence of her
    loving the items and the email may possibly prove that she is doing this
    out of spite, not out of worry that the goods are not authentic.
    6.small claims court? on what grounds. no, seriously, on WHAT grounds?
    keep everything about this incidence for the next year or two in case she
    is crazy/stupid enough to try, and you can prove she is just dumb.

    good luck
  14. Assuming you've kept all the emails/messages from her where she says how pleased she is with the items, then I really don't think she has a leg to stand on, so to speak. She can't be really happy with the items one day, and then want a full refund afterwards, especially when she's sold some of the items anyway!
  15. Hi, I hate it when people threaten you with small claims court - it seems like the actions of a desperate woman. It would cost her way too much (and I'm guessing she hasn't got a lawyer) - I'm pretty sure she is just bluffing in the hope that you will give in and send her some money.

    Glad you've kept all correspondance, the paypal claim should be a nonstarter (especially since she has filed under the wrong thing!).

    In case you eBay anything else, make sure you add her to your blocked buyers list on Ebay (under sellers preferences) to make sure she doesn't bid maliciously on anything else.