Need help with a shorter haircut

  1. I currently have hair a little above my shoulder and I want to go shorter & sassier. I would like to get a shorter bob but I DO NOT want the "Victoria Beckham" cut with being ultra short in the back and progressively longer in the front. Don't get me wrong, it is a cute look it is just that everyone in my city seems to have that cut right now.

    Any advice on alternative styles for a fiercy & sassy business professional?
    Pictures would be appreciated!

  2. I had a pob awhile ago, and have worn it a loooot of different ways. I think that you don't need to have the front 'as long' as Victoria Beckham had hers - the a-line cut is very sassy and professional looking. How short do you want to go??? I've had mine really short and it doesn't suit me - I need some length in the front, but I like how I get volume on top and in the b ack from having stacked layers.

    I blow dry with a round brush and then flat iron the front pieces. It's a very sassy and professional business look - pm me if you want more info on the different ways I style it and have had it cut, and how I've even grown it out longer and modified it there. I've had short hair since the beginning of college, I think I could help you find something depending on what you want!!!!
    I only say pm me because I have to run to work now :smile:

    ETA: I had the pob before anybody even knew Victoria Beckham had it! I'm talking years!
  3. If you're petite, go for the "pixie cut". It's cut short like a boy's but very girlishly styled and trimmed. Doesn't suit tall people though.
  4. ^ That's what I was going to suggest. I had that haircut for a couple years and I LOVED it. It was so easy and definitely sassy!!!

    I think the Katie Holmes bob is super cute too!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. hey!

    i got almost 12 or 13 inches cut off my hair i think like 4 months ago...i love it!

    hope this picture helps...the back is a slight bit shorter...and i have layers all over so i can wear it really straight or play around with the layers!

    good luck!!! let us know what you end up doing!
  6. blunt bob with bangs!!

    my manage attachments button won't work.
  7. got it...
    a-line-bob-1.jpg bob_b102.jpg bob-a-line_fs.jpg