need help with a shawl!!!

  1. I am getting married March 8th. I am not doing the tradtional wedding. So I found this really pretty dress. Its like a champ. color with silver detail and black under the bust line and at the bottom. Its strapless and I am looking for a black dressy shawl to cover my shoulders and back in case its cold.

    I have never looked for a shawl, so I really dont have any idea where to find one. I dont need anything to expensive. Just something really nice, black and something that will cover my shoulders and the top part of my back!!!

    Thanks for helping!:smile:
    dress 1.jpg dress 2.jpg
  2. Pretty dress, would a black pashmina be too plain?
  3. I would go with a black pashmina too, very versatile, or a light cashmere wrap. I got one from BR awhile back that I really like.
  4. i dont know thats the thing!!! i figure i will only wear the pashmina if its chilly out and then to the restuarant where we are eating after wards...i just need something to keep my warm if its chilly they have black pashminas with like detail???
  5. im sorry whats BR?!!!! where can i find a black pashmina??
  6. i really like this there other places to find something just like this besides nordstom?
  7. Yeah I think that's the kind of thing you want. Looks simple and elegant and won't detract from your dress plus you can use it afterwards
  8. ^^I totally agree I think the one from Nordstroms would be perfect!
  9. I've found some cashmere blend ones and some dressier ones that are silk w/ detailing of at all places- TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Dillards also has nice shawls/wraps.
  10. i never thought to check going to definatly have to check that out! thanks!