Need Help With a Saks Receipt Please.........

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I'm from Sydney Australia and I have an enquiry about a Saks Fifth Avenue receipt.

    I purchased a Bowler through a personal shopper which I received last week. She sent the receipt of purchase separately (customs reasons) and I received it today.

    I'm a little concerned about the barcodes.

    The barcode on the Saks receipt does not match the barcode to the Bowler.

    Is it supposed to ? And if not, is that normal ?

    The barcode on the Saks receipt reads; 3572618843197 and the barcode on the chanel price tag reads; 3572619596238.

    I called the store only ten minutes ago and I actually spoke to Sharon who was the SA that completed the purchase and she was so not interested. She kept repeating that she had to see the bag and receipt in order to say yes or no. I kept telling her that I'm in Sydney Australia and she kept saying it again, I need to see it here in the store. All I wanted to know was does the barcode on the receipt always match the barcode on the price tag but nop, she wouldn't answer me, kept telling me to bring the bag and receipt into the store. I then asked if I could email pics of the receipt and price tag which is still attached to the bag and she's like, I really need to see it. I wasn't asking about authenticity of the bag, it was just a barcode question. I had no choice but to end the call with zero help or advise.

    Which is why I thought it best I come here and ask so any help would be so appreciated :heart: :heart: Here are pics of the receipt and price tag.

    Yahoo! Photos - cnn3n6's Photos - 2006-10-06
  2. I'll check one of my bags in a minute! hang in there!
  3. you're in luck! mine doesn't match either and I know for a fact that I bought an authentic chloe from Saks. Don't worry!:wlae:
  4. Thank you so much. Your immediate reply has humbled me because the SA was just soooo rude. I was so sincere and polite and softly spoken and she was like "bring the bag here" knowing too well I was in Sydney.

    Again, thank you :heart: You're the best :flowers:
  5. Stupid, rude s/a. I don't think they are supposed to match.

    Nice deerskin luxury bowler! I have the same bag purchased from Nordstrom. :biggrin: I didn't realize Saks carried the fall deerskin.
  6. the barcode is the transaction has nothing to do with the barcode on the item purchased...the item description is what you should be concerned with....which is usually to the left of the price for the item
  7. Hey Roey ;)

    Thanks hun. Only two deerskins in black reached the Australian shores and they were sold the very same day. I had to go through a personal shopper for the black and it cost me an additional $600 to get it in black from the US compared to the Australian RRP for this bag. They had other colours but nothing compared to the black IMO which is why I was happy to go the extra expense.

    Um, it seems like you have a few luxury bags yourself :happydance:
  8. All it says is Chanel Handbags (as shown in my pics) not Camera Case so that's why I was thinking that maybe, just maybe that may have been a receipt for another Chanel bag.
  9. I really love the deerskin. I lusted for the goatskin and now that I have it I'm finding the deerskin feels more luxe and is easier to carry on the shoulder. The Luxury line is my favorite Chanel collection.

    I noticed on your receipt that you were charged sales tax. Why is that?

  10. :crybaby: Now I have another un-answered question.

    I tell you what, I will never buy from the internet again. I don't care how much I love it. Every bag I have purchased has been done by me personally. I need to touch it, carry it, smell it :shame: and the rest. But I loved this bowler so much that I risked it because I was never going to find it here in AU. And ebay was not an option (not ever) so I went through a personal shopper from the US.

    I thought sales tax was the norm over there :confused1: and that's why I never raised it.

    You wanna know what else ? There are two loose threads around the interlocking c's and I have the personal shopper trying to find me another one because I just can't accept it the way it is. So far she hasn't had any luck finding me another one :crybaby: so I have this one here sitting in it's box doing nothing for me. I refuse to use it the way it is.
  11. If there is no Saks presence in your country, which I'm guessing there is not :biggrin:, then you should not be charged sales tax. If you purchased the bag in person at the store while visiting the states then you would have to pay tax, but not as a charge-send. It looks like you were charged NYC sales tax. What was she thinking? Please call her on it and demand a refund for the tax.

    Sorry about the loose threads. I wouldn't accept it either, not for these prices.
  12. I will raise it with her right now and let you know what her response was.

    As for the loose threads, I don't want to accept it either but from what she tells me, I have buckley's of getting my hands on another one. She has agreed to refund me but I don't want a refund, I just want a bowler :crybaby:
  13. Roe, it sounds like she used a personal shopper not associated with Saks and I'm not sure how it works but the personal shopper would have to pay sales tax.
  14. I am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. Perhaps you can call the NY store and ask to speak to a manager. First, the SA shouldn't be so rude. Second, you shouldn't have been charged sales tax. And of course, third, you shouldn't have received a damaged bag. The manager should be able to search the other Saks stores in the country to see if another bowler is available; and refund your sales tax. Maybe she could also have a little chat with the SA who told you to bring in a bag from Australia! Unbelievable!
  15. I hear you Smooth and you make a valid point. Her receipt states she used AMEX. I don't have experience with personal shoppers. Do they usually front the payment with their own charge card and the client reimburses?