Need Help With A Risque Dress!

  1. I bought a cute, simple black dress online for a party only to discover it is too short (short enough that if a jump, a little too much shows)! I love the dress except for the shortness bit. I was thinking I could take it to a alteration/tailor place and have them sew black cloth made of the same material to the bottom but Im not sure. The party is in a week and I already bought matching accessories for the dress! What should I do???
  2. Well you definitely could get it altered as you mentioned above. I probably would buy a cute pair of black stocking/tights and wear that in addition to dress. It would make me feel less self-conscience about the length. What type of party is it?
  3. Generally speaking, it's pretty difficult to find an exact match to the fabric of an already made garment. Also, even if you are able to find a similar enough fabric, the alterations would be expensive, and could possibly take longer than a week. The tailor would have to unhem the original dress, the stitch the new fabric on, hem it again...and you'd probably want more than one fitting. No reason you shouldn't try though ;)
    And how short exactly is the dress (like a little above mid-thight, or a bit farther up...)? I'll tell you that one of the most irritating things I've seen is girls who wear blouses (as in to the waistline, or a little below) and leggings, and that's it. I see it all the time, and it can look a little sleezy...
    A picture would be helpful. If it's only a little above mid-thigh, then I'd deffinatly agree with Blue_Butterfly that tights would be a good solution. And like Blue_Butterfly asked, what type of party is it? If this is meant for, say, a significant other's company cocktail party, I'd pass and find something different ;)

    Hope I've been of some help! Good luck!
  4. IMO, if it covers your bum and a little more, I would pair it with leggings (or really opaque tights). Anything shorter, and I guess the tailor or a new dress would be better alternatives.
  5. this is hard...let me see...
    if its too short i would say wear tights or leggings..i think getting it tailored would look kind of weird.
    and you say if you jumped it would show everything? are you planning on jumping??
    so i would say, wear the dress, with or without tights, and just try not to move too much.
    good luck!!!
  6. or..why not get a new dress?
  7. Its just a little semi formal party. Its covers my butt well. Its shorter in the back then in the front which is irritating. I am in love with the dress except for that problem. Heres a picture of a model in it:
    Its the same length on her as it is me. I thought that she looked tall so I reasoned it would be longer on me but I was wrong and I definitely do not look good in tights. :push: Im wearing flats with it so would it look a little classier then with heels?
  8. What about a slightly longer black lacy slip underneath?

    I have a skirt that is too short/ has a very inappropriate slit in the front. I bought a black half slip with lace trim on the bottom that's like 2-3" longer than the skirt. The lacy stuff sticks out from underneath and it looks like it's supposed to be like that. I got the slip at a lingerie outlet and it was only like $8.
  9. That sounds like a good idea! Maybe not with lace though. :smile: Any other suggestions?
  10. Instead of trying to sew a matching piece to the bottom, you might have a tailor sew a piece of black satin or something...I have a dress like that, and I think it looks quite nice and will give you a little extra length!
  11. Thanks for the help everyone! Ill go to a tailor and see what they can do.
  12. They come with or without lace trim, all different lengths, and usually in black, beige, pale pink, white or ivory. You could even buy a white one and dye it with Rit dye if you wanted a specific color. It might be cheaper than taking the dress to a tailor and it's not permanent. Whereas if the tailor does a crappy job, you're stuck.
  13. If I left it as it was and was very careful all evening and wore fancy flats, could I pull it off?
  14. ^If its the same length as the picture, I definitely think you could pull it off. Especially with flats :yes:
  15. i wouldn't worry about the "jumping" so much as i would either bending over or sitting down.
    it seems you're determined to wear the dress regardless of the length so go for it. hopefully you won't feel self conscious wearing the dress that once you arrive to the soiree you won't be able to enjoy yourself.