Need help with a patent Mabel decision...

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  1. Hi ladies! This is only my second post and I am a relatively new lover of all things Mulberry, so I need your expert help with a buying decision!:yes:

    I am 98% sure I love the Mabel... my one worry is that I put one on (granted it had stuffing in the store) my shoulder and the outer strap kept falling off. Maybe it was just the stuffing... do you ladies carry your Mabels (medium size) easily on your shoulder?

    Second big question - the stores here in the states have a gray patent Mabel for $769... great deal considering it was originally $1395. I think the gray would work nicely (I normally use black bags) since it would look nice with both black for work and jeans on the weekend... but how do you guys feel about patent? Is it what you'd think of as timeless? I can't decide!! I don't want to spend the money if it will be out of style in a year... for that much I may as well save more for the black leather one.

    Help! :nuts:
  2. I don't have one and i haven't tried one on so probably shouldn't be replying to your post!!!
    I've heard some on here say it didn't fit on their shoulder well. Before you buy I suggest taking a tip out of sarajanes book- empty the stuffing and put your own stuff in the bag in the shop and try it out!
    Personally I'm not keen on patent so rather than be seduced by a good deal I'd say save up for the black leather one. Hope this helps. I'm sure some Mabel owners will be here soon to give you advice

    where's tara???? she's got one ( or is it 2 ??)
  3. Hi there. As Jo says, I'd take all the stuffing out and put your own things in and try the bag on your shoulder before you make any decisions!
    I find that with some Mulberry two-strap bags I have to tuck the outer strap under the inner one to stop it sliding off.
    Re patent - it's not my thing personally so you need to decide whether you'll be happy to carry it in a few years' time. Patent comes & goes re fashion. It wouldn't be my choice but if you love it, buy it.
  4. I carry my Mabel in the crook of my arm, I guess it's poss to carry it on your shoulder if you *really* need to, unless you are wearing a thick coat etc. It definately not primarily a shoulder bag!

    I love the Mabel, it fits loads of stuff and is quite lightweight. I originally had my heart set on the brown patent one, but then found the metallic black goat one in the sale. I love the patent and I do think patent will always come back in fashion but like flyvetjo says, it's still a lot of money so don't buy it unless you are sure. If it was me though, I would buy it!
  5. Thanks ladies! I do think I will probably wait and save up for the black leather one... unless anything else comes along with the new season and catches my eye! I can't really see myself carrying patent in 5 years, so I'd rather spend the money on a more timeless bag. I appreciate the help!:yes:
  6. I`m back!!!, My silly Husband decided to sort the office out, disconnected all the wireless internet and said he was going to sort the office out!! that was 4 days ago!!
    He just buggered off with his laptop to work away-Thanks Honey!!!

    Anyone who is looking into buying a Mabel I have some good news,I rang Sm On the off chance to see if they had any reds in stock and was told no they didn`t,when she looked it up on screen she was reeling off the colours of Mabels available.
    Blue, olive and fushia pink???? maybe all new colours for spring/summer??
  7. Welcome back Tara. Those colours sound exciting

  8. I'd say that the Mabel is primarily a bag to be carried by hand. I really wanted one but needed a bag I could wear on my shoulder. With a Herculean struggle I managed to hoik one up onto my shoulder, but it just wouldn't sit nicely and like with the one you tried on, the outer strap kept falling down.

    The Patent thing is an interesting dilemma. I think this type of leather will invariably come in and out fashion, but my concern is how it will age. I own a couple of Chloe patent bags and one of them is started to get a bit wrinkly ( and not in a good way). As nice as patent looks, I think you're probably safer with non-patent leather.