Need help with a men's watch, want to spend $1-3k

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  1. My little brother just graduated from highschool, and I would like to get him a nice watch b/c I feel like it's a good gift for "meaningful" events like graduation. :smile: If he were a girl :P, I would have no problems picking out a watch, but I'm not familiar with men's watches. :cursing:

    Any suggestions? I'm looking for something b/t $1-3k. Even just some suggestions of brands to look at would be great. Thank you!!
  2. my boyfriend says a Tag. Tiger Woods Issue. ohh la la, i wonder how that looks. you should check it out. that's really generous of you.
    congrats to your brother. hehe, my boyfriend says that's wonderful of you. he was like "DANNNNG" , and now i'm just smiling.
  3. Tag Heuer, most of the line is betweem $1195 and $3000......check out the Aquaracer, Link and Carrera series, you should find something you like there....

    a second option would be the Omega Seamaster....good luck, and nice gift by the way!....
  4. Tag is a good start up (like aquaracer)...and motivate your brother to earn/work his way much more intricate watch collection.:smile:
  5. A tag watch would be lovely, maybe get a limited addition one, which may go up in value. He is a
    Lucky brother!
  6. I think you should take him shopping, nothing is worse than spending big bucks on a useless present. i think for anything over $500 you should be certain that the person will love and use it. I am a guy and Tags just don't do it for me (that said i did go through a tag phase, but i never bought one.) just my 2 cents
  7. naughtymanalo is correct. The guy has to have the right chemistry with the watch. Dont just buy it for the price. One thing I learned about shopping for watches is that the pictures on the Internet dont show its true representation. Its better if you go to a jewelry store like Bailey, Banks & Biddle who has a wide selection.

    Panerai's are the new Rolex's.. but Rolex has the best resale value because of its popularity. TAG & Omega is more for a young guy like your brother and are more sporty looking. I really love the Zenith as its the most accurate watch in the world and love the skeleton look.
  8. I think the Tag Tiger Woods is really sporty.
  9. I was just at costco with my husband and there was an Oris watch with a carbon fiber face which looks extremely sporty. I looked it up and found this watch sells for 2495 and Costco has it for 1699. Check there for there watch selection and there prices are good. Did you know that online at Costco you can use any cc and not just amex? Happy shopping but the kinds of watches at costco are great quality
  10. ^^ yeah, costco is a good recommendation. :smile: almost forgot bout good ol' costco.

    just as sammyjoe said, one lucky bro!
  11. With your budget I'd go for a Tag Heuer or an Omega. I think these are nice brands to give someone in your bro's age, let him buy his own Rolex when he gets a job! :lol:

    I like these watches:

    One of the few Tags I like, the Carrera. Just under $3k at $2895 41mm.

    Tag F1 is just around $1000. (41mm Tag's entry level watch, cute!)


    Omega's Speedmaster is one of my fave men's watches. This model (reduced size - 37mm) 3539.50.00 is $2550.


    Omega Seamaster $2150 (42mm)
    There is also a James Bond Edition for a little bit more $ (3300 I think)

    HTH and you're such a sweet sis! I wish my brother gave me a watch when I graduated highschool!
  12. Besides Tag, check out Breitling too! They are really nice.
  13. Corum has some cool mens watches in that price range. Depending on his personality you could get him a very entry level Rolex as well. Or for around $3000 you could get him a plain 38mm Chanel j12.
  14. Your on the money about that!

    The reason for this is because Chanel is known for making Jewelry and other fashion items. The company is not a true timepiece maker like those of Rolex, TAG, etc which only specialize in watches. The guys who have seen the Chanel's say the quality is not there anyways.