Need help with a LV receipt from Neimans NY

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  1. Hi,

    is here anyone who purchased anything from LV at Neimans in NY?! I have a question about the receipt...

    Thank you, *V*
  2. I have. I am not at home with my receipts now, but maybe I can help. Post your question.
  3. Thanks! How do they look like?! I would like to purchase a bag and she said that she bought it at Neiman Marcus NY ( I saw the receipt ) but I only know LV receipt and this one was not from LV this was a Neiman Marcus Commercial Invoice with some Logos on the left side ( GIVENCHY, VERSACE, LV, CHANEL, GUCCI and HERMES ).
    Do they look tike that?!

    Thanks! *V*
  4. im almost positive that the Neimans receipt will look like a normal sales receipt. the only time you will get the classic LV receipt is if you go to a stand alone boutique
  5. I just sent you a pm...

  6. Receipt from Neiman LV is the same as other Neiman purchases.

    It's not the paper receipt from LV free-standing boutiques.
  7. I never saw one :sad: Can anybody post one if they look all the same?!

    Thanks, *V*
  8. This is why I would be concerned--just a simple screen shot from a Yahoo message board:

  9. neimans receipts on long and skinny with neiman marcus written across the top.
    this doesn't sound right to me?
  10. Something tike this:


  11. yes, that's how they look :tup: