Need help with a HH bag

  1. I got my saddle Lorca and I'm a bit confused.

    The leather seems almost wrinkly... especially the bottom half. It seems really smooth and almost glass-like in the pictures on the website. It has an almost matte/pebble or animal hide bit of bump to it. Also the top flap has a few barely visible white scratches.

    Did I get a bad one? Could anyone post pictures of their Lorca bags, up close? I would of mine, but, my camera phone is awful.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help. :rolleyes:
  2. I posted in the "show your HHs here" thread, but my saddle lorca is similar and I purchased mine from (wrinkled on bottom, smoother on top flap). I don't think there is anything "wrong" with the bag - just a variation. But my wrinkles are pretty subtle - not anything that truly bothers me. I think the saddle leather will have more variation than say the black or olive (and it certainly has more variation than my olive lorca). If I can find my close-up pic, I'll post again....

    Re. the scratches, some things that have worked for me (per suggestions from a lot of great folks here on tPF) 1. rub your finger over your forehead and then try to rub the scratches out - the oils should help (well, at least with my oily head this works!) 2. leather conditioner (, applegard, etc.) very lightly applied. The saddle is more prone to showing scratches, but I like a few of them - adds character!
  3. Here's a pic of the olive and the saddle lorcas I have. The olive lorca has the same finish, but it's less noticeable due to the color and finish. The saddle is more of a naked leather to me:

    Close-up of saddle lorca:
  4. Several of us have received the saddle colored bags with scratches. I used apple guard and was able to get some out. I guess it depends on if you can live with the cratches for the price or not.

    PS- I may be alone in this but I do think the "sale" bags are probably not up to the same quality as the other bags. There are just to many scratches, hanging stiches, small blemishes, to me to be of a superior quality bag. Don't get me wrong, I love the bags I got and think they are great for the price, but I would not pay $400 for a bag with scratches of uneven stiching.
  5. Yeah, see... your bag looks smooth and buttery.

    Let me show you mine, it has a matte, almost suede texture and appearance.


    The first thing that comes to mind is, well, elephant hide. The picture you have looks smooth. Mine feels like pebbled leather.
  6. ^^I conditioned my bags before I took the pic, so that may be part of it. I posted in another thread that I think that your bag just may need a little extra TLC, but it's up to you if you feel it's worth the deal price.

    Like lionlaw, I agree that we are not all going to get "perfect" bags - some of the styles have probably been sitting around for awhile at their store/warehouse. Another poster mentioned that her saddle Ana had different leather shades on her bag and I said there as well that this may be a risk we take in getting these bags at such a steal.

    Hopefully, HH will do good by those who are unhappy with glaring issues with their bags and work out a reasonable resolution....
  7. I guess I just got lucky with my Dominique... it is in perfect condition. I suppose I feel the Lorca wasn't at such a steep discount, so, if it were such a big difference from say, a $500 price tag, yes, I agree... but, comparitively, not so big a deal as some others were.

    I asked my mom to come take a look, I'm just afraid if I don't document it right away, they might not take it back if I decide it's not worth it.

    I'd rather pay more for a bag I'll feel good about than a bag that is messed up. I passed on a $150 Gryson from NR which has less scratches and that was reduced from nearly $700.

    I'm so confused :rolleyes:
  8. I'm waiting for my saddle Lorca. I'm getting worried too now! The thing that gets me is if they are selling them off at these prices (mine was $86 from $300) because they are old ones or have been stored incorrectly, or even because they are rejects, then they should say so. If they claim it's a sale of their regular stock then they should be as good as one you paid full price for. It's like when you book a 5 star hotel through Priceline and you get the smallest room in the place. You booked the same room as everyone else. The fact that you paid less should be irrelevant.
  9. I agree with your assessment. If they're selling bags with blemishes, they should fess up. I'd send the bag back and request a new one or a refund.
  10. I also posted in the other thread....
    To sum up, my Lorca is definitely wrinkley, not smooth. I can't find much to complain about, though, I really love the bag.
    Hmmm, now that other people have suggested that those of us who purchased "sale" bags may have gotten bags of lower quality, I now am wondering if my Lorca was one of those with slight defects. It is definitely not the same color as the other saddle colored bags, seems more yellowish.
  11. I purchased about 20 or so bags between the two recent HH sales. About a third will be for me, a third will be gifts and a third will be sold to hopefully ease the pain of the first two thirds. I went through each and every one of them and found not one defect. My belief is that the product they are selling are all first rate but there are bound to be flaws and quirks that may not be seen initially. I think much disappoint also comes from expectations of a certain kind of leather not being met even though the next person is more than pleased with that same leather. But from what I have read here HH is more anxious to remedy any difficult situation so kudos for their CS when that off item presents itself!!!:tup:
  12. Of course this belongs to a different thread - but 20 bags - PLEASE PLEASE post your loot. Are they different models? Could you do family pics so that we could do size comparisons? I would love to see them!
  13. So far i have only broken out the Mercer in currant. They are still all in boxes because I have not chosen who gets what or even which ones for me. I am listening to everyone's experiences on tPF and sitting on them patiently, but eagerly, if that makes sense. They are for birthdays, holidays, etc. Maybe everytime I gift one I will gift myself.
  14. Please, everybody who thinks they've been shafted by Hayden-Harnett - would you please just contact their customer service and make arrangements to either return the bag for another or get a refund? They aren't selling seconds or damaged or less-than-perfect bags - and one does not need to document anything - if you aren't happy with the bag, they'll take it back, no questions asked - you've got 15 days to do it. I've returned several bags for the stupid reason of "It's too big for me", and in the case of the Nomade, "the leather is less than desirable on this bag" for heaven's sake, and not a word was written or said other than giving me my RMA number. Their customer service is excellent and the company and their handbags are incredible. It just pains me to read the doubt in so many of the posts here.

    In the case of the elephant-hide Lorca, tell them just exactly that!


    Their return policy:
  15. Love it.

    Wow - you are so patient. I bet you are great at unwrapping presents and waiting for birthdays etc. I would have had them all out on the bed and tossing them in the air!