Need help with a Gucci and LV selection-both are my first :)

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  1. i am trying to decide on which two handbags i want to buy. i am finally breaking down and investing in designer bags. these will my first two that i will purchase at the boutique and i want to get classic styles that will never go out of style.

    here is what i have been looking at. i want a black bag and a brown bag that can go with everything. being fashionistas-can u pls help me. i want i want to b able to wear them to work and everyday. suble and stylish. i am about to graduate from law school-so throw that factor in too :smile:

    1) the gucci new britt medium hobo in black or brown; here is the link (the one for $550)
    which canvas color holds up better (black or brown)?

    2) louis vuitton speedy 25 in either mono or damier ebene; here is the link

    3) louis vuitton neverfull pm in either mono or damier ebene; here is the link
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. haha these were the same three i was debating over as well. I liked the speedy for its shape and the hobo as well but i ended up getting the gucci new britt tote and the speedy. I didn't get the neverfull because the straps looked flimsy and thin... even moreso than the new britt tote and I tend to carry a lot in my bags. i've never bought a black canvas gucci so i can't say though.
  3. finally! someone who can relate to me!

    well i just posted this in the lv forum:

    OMG! i just picked up my gucci. and i am soooo not impressed with the quality of the canvas of this bag. on the same bag but in brown or cream trim-the canvas is a heck of a lot better. so-i got the brown and the black and am deciding at home which one to keep. sux bc i wanted it in black so bad, but i dont want to feel like i paid for something that is crappy :sad: the brown one is sooo nice tho :smile:

    walked into the lv store a bit depressed bc of the gucci thing. going into that store is a bit overwhelming too. the neverfull just does not impress me and the batignolles either size just feels way too big. i still like the quality of the speedy, but the handheld just kills that bag for me. plus i want a black bag. ugh! i may be too picky :p

    so-which new britt medium hobo color did you end up with? also-do you have a black bag? if not-what are you using that goes with everything?

    pls reply....i am so anxious to know :smile:
  4. oh and which speedy? mono or damier?
  5. Hi, you also posted this thread in LV. I'm closing this thread because it is a duplicate. Please stick to one thread - thanks :smile:
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