Need help with a Gucci and LV selection-both are my first :)

  1. i am trying to decide on which two handbags i want to buy. i am finally breaking down and investing in designer bags. these will my first two that i will purchase at the boutique and i want to get classic styles that will never go out of style.

    here is what i have been looking at. i want a black bag and a brown bag that can go with everything. being fashionistas-can u pls help me. i want i want to b able to wear them to work and everyday. suble and stylish. i am about to graduate from law school-so throw that factor in too :smile:

    1) the gucci new britt medium hobo in black or brown; here is the link (the one for $550)
    which canvas color holds up better (black or brown)?

    2) louis vuitton speedy 25 in either mono or damier ebene; here is the link;jsessionid=X000HBJDROS3GCRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_US;jsessionid=X000HBJDROS3GCRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_US

    3) louis vuitton neverfull pm in either mono or damier ebene; here is the link;jsessionid=X000HBJDROS3GCRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_US
  2. Either speedy is a classic, however you will find if you go to a LV boutique the 30 is more useful. The neverfull is only available in Mono right now, ebene will be available in June in the US.
    I would go with the speedy mono in 30 and the black Gucci brit bag. This way you have one handbag with brown tones and one with the black tones, although I wear my speedy with every thing I own
  3. From the gucci bags although I don't really like the shape(sorry) I think the beige canvas is far better!!!
    For the speedy I agree with newcitylady that the 30 is better...but you have to try them on.
    Also if you can wait for the neverfull in damier that would be great!
    To sum up I say go for the beige canvas gucci and the mono speedy...great combination...
    If you want especially a black bag(although mono instead of damier looks good with black clothes) the beige gucci and may I suggest a black epi leather speedy???? it is TDF...

  4. I think you should definetly get the speedy and the black Gucci Brit bag.
  5. oh, i should also say that i am 5'2 and 115lbs. i think the 30 is way too big on me. i tried it on and it looked like luggage. im a small handbag kinda gal. i carry my laptop in my computer bag with files, etc.

    so, you think you can wear the mono speedy with black stuff too?
  6. Why not! Its an easy bag to pull off with any color !
  7. oh i def agree :smile:

    i'm just trying to get the most pros and cons here. i prob won't be buying another LV or Gucci for a while. i am getting engaged and taking the bar exam this year. lots of expenses :sad: so-just want to maximize the purchase.

    also, seems like you all aren't diggin' the damier speedy....hmmm...i thought that would get a better response bc of the fact that it doesn't scream LV.

    keeps the comments coming tho. this is such a wonderful help :smile:
  8. Think we all like the damier, don't get us wrong. But the speedy is the definition of the word Classic when it comes to LV.
  9. I'm 5'2 and size 4/6......I would only carry a speedy 30!!! The 25 looks small.....30 is more chic!
  10. ok-well i have decided on the black gucci new britt hobo for sure. i have also decided on monogram for the lv. but i am def now leaning towards the neverfull pm bc it is a shoulder bag instead of a handbag.

  11. How about epi madeleine? You can chose between GM and PM. My cousin are in the same situation as you, she likes this bag because it doesn't scream LV and you can put files in it. From your list, I would say "speedy 25".
  12. I'd get the Gucci in the brown and the LV Speedy in the Damier Ebene.
  13. peevenjo: i can't wear either of those choices with black tho :sad:
  14. I wear mono with black all the looks chic. I think you're being too matchy-matchy! LOL I don't care for the neverfull, but that's up to you. People have complained about the flimsy handles on it. I'd still go with a speedy!
  15. I would get the Gucci Britt hobo in black and the Louis Vuitton Damier ebene speedy 25!!!