Need help with a "gift" for a death in Chinese family

  1. Hi -

    My parents' neighbors, who I have known my entire life, had a death in the family - the husband's 102 year old mother passed away. The family is very traditional Chinese, and my family would like to send an appropriate gift of some sort to them......any help as to what would be appropriate, or at least inappropriate would be appreciated. I know next to nothing about Chinese culture, other than that certain colros and foods are symbolic during life events. We would hate to send something that would symbolize something other than condolences and respect.

    Thanks so much
  2. My grandpa recently passed away, and most people just bought one of those flower things, with ribbons tied to them with their names on them. I can't recall the name right now, sorry.
  3. you don't really send a "gift" to someone when someone they love has passed away. It would be more proper to send a card and flowers, and perhaps a meal that they can reheat since i'm sure they wont want to cook or a gift certificate to a resturant so they can eat.

    But really, flowers and a card should be sufficient.
  4. Send flowers!

    Just make sure to pick the right colors or else!

    No red or anything of that.

    There is not much else you can "send" besides that.
  5. Aside from condolences, flowers are fine.
  6. Most of the flowers are often white and very simple.
  7. Do you live near an Asian florist? The norm is to send a floral "wreath" made of white or yellow mums or carnations. It will be displayed during the funeral or the viewing.
  8. Hi, Just asked my chinese colleague and he said $$$ in a $1 amount...ex. $1, $11, $21, ETC...given in a white envelope (same as post above) . Also flowers, but no red...
  9. :yes: These are the most common flowers at a funeral. I haven't seen anyone come in with bouquets.