need help with a decision!

  1. i am getting a new coach bag and thinking of the medium size carly or the legacy shoulder bag in either signature/gold, sig/black or in pond...i have 2 new really large bags and want something smaller...HELP!!!
  2. ;) Pond shoulder bag. Perfect color for spring!!
  3. Yep, pond shoulder bag.
  4. Pond shoulder!
  5. I agree, the pond color is absolutely gorgeous!
  6. I say the sig shoulder in khaki/black.
    It's timeless and goes with everything!
    (I'm partial...see my Mandy below in that color!)
  7. Pond shoulder bag is beautiful but I tend to get all of my bags in black
    because of what handbglvr said...Goes with everything!

    No bad choice here!;)
  8. I vote for the shoulder bag in khaki/black, as well. The pond is pretty but not as functional, IMO.
  9. Pond Shoulder! It would be perfect for spring.
  10. Another vote for the Pond shoulder bag!!
  11. i love the carly but i am biased.

    if you want legacy go with khaki/black sig.
  12. Pond - I'm partial to blue but this is a truly lovely bag.
  13. Exactly!! But I vote for either the Carly or the khaki/gold shoulder.