Need help with a decision: Which should I keep or sell?


Jun 15, 2006
I bought 2 wallets in the past couple of weeks. My plan was to keep one and return the other. The first wallet I bought is a Monogram Pochette Wallet at LV pre-price increase. I chose this wallet b/c it was the most pratical and the price was great.

Than abought a week later I saw a 'gently used' Damier Koala Wallet and I harped on it. It was a great price and I always loved the red interior. My plan was to return the pochette and keep the Koala. I was not going to use the koala everyday due to its small size (I would continue to use my old Coach wallet) but I would use it when I used my Damier Speedy 30.

A few days ago I went to return the pochette and I found out the price went up $55. The SA was like 'don't do it it went up too much'. It only cost me $420 b/c I had a gift card. I was having second thoughts about returning it anyway b/c it seems like such a great everyday wallet so I brought it back home.:confused1:

I was planning to get a BV with the proceeds of the return. I need the BV to use everyday (more than I need TWO wallets). Therefore, I need to keep only one wallet. Which should I keep? Return the pochette or sell the koala.

Sorry so long but I need to give you background info. Thanks.
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Dec 20, 2006
Keep and use the Mono Pochette Wallet.

Stop using the Coach and sell the Coach = $ towards the BV.

Sell the Koala = $ towards the BV.


Jun 18, 2008
i think the pochette is more useful than the koala and i like the look of it more. i DO prefer smaller wallets though and you'll get more money back for your pochette wallet which you can put towards your new BV.


Sep 19, 2006
Keep the Mono Pochette Wallet. I have the same wallet and it's the best wallet I've ever used.


Jul 24, 2008
I just bought the mono pochette wallet myself a few days before the price increase and I love it!!! It is so roomy and everything I needed to put in it fits perfectly with room to spare. I plan on using this wallet with both mono and damier bags as I find it inconvenient to switch wallets often and I think the mono compliments the damier well. I think the koala is also a beautiful wallet but if you are having reservations about the size imo it would not be a wise choice to return the wallet that you feel is more practical for your needs. Good luck deciding they are both wonderful!

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Mar 26, 2008
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Well if you are in need of a bag, return the pochette and keep the koala. But if it really doesn't matter which way you go, then keep the pochette wallet, i wish i could have one! They are so practical and beautiful!


May 11, 2008
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I vote for keeping the pochette wallet and selling the koala. To get the BV, you could sell the Coach as suggested by DesigningStyle, or just save a little more for it.

Based on what you wrote, it sounds like the only reason why you bought the koala was because you found a deal on it. In contrast, you chose the pochette wallet because it's practical for your needs. Plus, you hesitated when you went to return the pochette wallet. You wouldn't get everyday use out of the koala, either. All these things point to keeping the pochette wallet and selling the koala, in my opinion. Good luck with your decision!


Jun 15, 2006
Thanks for the replys so far. I am leaning towards selling the koala to fund the BV and keep the pochette wallet. I think it is most the pratical. I picked the pochette because of that reason.

Love the koala interior but I cannot use it everyday b/c i love to stuff my wallets w/ receipts and such.

Any other opinions?