Need help with a decision - QUICK!!!

  1. Which should I get:

    Cherry blossom papillon in red/cream

    Cherry blossom pochette in red/cream

  2. I vote Papillon! Hope this helps!
  3. papillion!
  4. pochette. The colors work better on the smaller bag. And, if you get tired of it, it wasn't as big an investment.
  5. Depends on how much you're looking to carry. If you don't carry a lot, or just want a bag to carry the essentials, then go for the pochette. I love the shape of the papillon, but I favor the pochette more when it comes to the CB line.
  6. I prefer the pochette !
  7. Agree !!!:biggrin:
  8. Papillon- I've had both and love the papillon.
  9. I vote for the pochette!!
  10. I vote for the pochette too .. I have a retro and never use it...I prefer smaller bags in the CB range
  11.'s something different
  12. pap
  13. Papillon....very unique and more sophisticated and young
  14. I have both but prefer the papillon because it can fit more.
  15. pochette! i think it is wiser to spend more money on a classic piece. =)