need help with a danube

  1. if any of you have purchased a danube, either in the mono or min lin, can you help me out with size...i know its small, but is it so tiny that it will only fit a few small items? i am interested in the min lin danube and love the fact that its cross body but am concerned about the size..this is what i normally carry everyday: a flat credit card holer, cash, lip balm, mace(ya, i am a bit paranoid :smile: skinny cell phone, keys, gum, kleenex, hand you think that will fit??any help on this would be appreciated!!
  2. If the hand wipes are in a small packaging, yes. I use to own the bag in regular monogram many years ago and it is a great travel bag when you want free hands.
  3. I own the Monogram one, and I rarely carry it out as I find it a hassle to get things in and out of the bag due to the stiffness of the canvas at the top and the tough zipper teeth.

    It's really handy for travel and zipping around when you would need to have the use of two free hands.

    It would definitely fit all the items you have listed, but you would have to arrange them neatly e.g. the item most frequently reached for at the top and vice versa...

    PM me if you need anymore help! :flowers: