Need help with a CHANEL problem!!!

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  1. Well I have a problem.

    I need to start putting away money aside every pay check to by my Mother an out-of-this-world Mother's Day gift. It goes without saying that I am OBSESSED with bags (Duh! That's why I'm blogging here :P ) and my personal favorite/weakness is Louis Vuitton. My mother's taste's are starkly different however; her weakness? Chanel. She loves the sheer classiness and elegance of the bags.

    Now for the past two year's I have been buying her larger Coach bags (last Mother's Day was a Yellow Optic Signature flap satchel). But since this is the last mother's day that I will be at home (before college), and I wanted to indulge her and buy her a Chanel. My problem was... which one? Since I know next-to-nothing about Chanel bags, I've turned to you all for help! :amuse: Here is a picture of my wonderful mother, so y'all could get ideas of what would look nice.

    (Don't mind the mess of her bathroom, gettin' snazzy for V-Day)

    Anyways, she is about 5'4" with a petit body frame. So I suppose she would need a large, size-appropriate bag.

    Please any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Pictures and price estimates would be killer too! Thanks bloggers for any help!! :lol:
  2. You have a beautiful mother! She would look great wearing a Chanel bag! If this will be her first one I recommend getting her the classic flap bag in black. It is timeless!!! Here is a pic of mine.
  3. i'm partial to this bag


    which costs $1,795 and comes in other colors......

    might not have the exact bag but they have many slight variations on it in different sizes, shapes, and colors....

    and of course an oversized classic quilted flap bag is always nice....
  4. See I love the black flip bag for her, but it's simply not big enough for her :sad: Do they have large ones?
  5. they come in oversized versions.....i think the glap bag comes in 3 sizes and the larger one would look gorgeous on your mother in my opinion......
  6. Addicted has a 2.55 reissue in large that might be a good size for your mom, but I don't know how easy it'll be to find the purse... Here's the link to her collection:

    And I'm pretty sure I've seen the flap style in a large size that's bigger than the one you like...
  7. I'm 99% sure the Cambon line has some larger totes styles. But I always think the line is geared to women in their young 20's--but maybe that's b/c those are the girls who are carrying them or the knockoffs in San Diego...
  8. Haha! Good one. I don't really know I was throwing that name out there.
  9. Thats your MOM? She's pretty hot!
    Your bathroom is a mess? Sarcasm, right?

    Booo on the fur coat though...

    She's kinda conservative, for her I'd go for something more demure and classic like an LV Epi leather. Unless she's into showing it off, then go for the Chanel Cambon.
  10. and by the way, what's with the fur coat in the bathroom, anyway?
  11. She pulled it out of hibernation from the closet for Valentines day. The lining ripped on the bottom and she was about to go to her tailor to see what they could do for it, and I said "I gotta get a picture of this!" The last time I had seen her wear it was when I was REALLY young! Maybe about 6 years old! So it was a rare event that had to be captured. She just was still getting ready at the time.
  12. i'd get her a 2.55 in black. she looks serious but sexy. lol.
  13. hmmm, sorry, no great advice here, but since I was on this thread, just wanted to say that you have an amazing looking mom! Wow, love the bathroom too!
  14. Hehe thank you! Yeah my friends say she's pretty, too.

    Classwhore: I looked through all of the LV Epi bags and there wasn't really anything I saw that she would have liked. She's not one to show off either, I just thought she would like the quilting of the Cambon's. Now seeing though that the same quilting does come on other bags... the horizon has broadened!