Need help with a backpack

  1. I broke my fibula bone:tdown: (driving leg) on July 12; I’m on crutches 6-8 weeks. I want to purchase a coach backpack. I have a couple of swingpacks, just a little small at times. Any suggestions?

    I have been looking on eBay and my DH said he would take me to the outlet.

    I’m really upset I have to put my Legacy white/khaki signature shoulder bag away for the season.

  2. hmmmmmm I haven't really seen many Backpacks that are coach. I know once in while they have some leather ones at the outlet but very rarely. I think Prada has the most adorable backpacks. Errghhhh I am so sorry that you broke that bone and now you can't drive but when it heals and if you have a cast that gets taken off you can be like it's celebration time, I need to make up for some lost shopping time. then you have a reason to go on a spreee! ha!!!
  3. I got an adorable black signature soho backpack at the outlets earlier this summer. They might still have some.
  4. They have a couple of backpacks on, in the 'Classic Favorites' section. Not sure if you like signature pieces, but below is a link to the larger of the 2 Signature backpacks. They also have a leather one as well in this section.

    Sorry to hear about your broken bone!! Feel better soon!! :balloon:
  5. If it is for a used handbag type backpack, the 9791 is a nice size handbag. The 9960 is smaller.

    If it is for a real backpack for books and stuff, you want something alot bigger. Let me know & I will tell you the style numbers of the older heavy duty backpacks.
  6. Thank you girls.

    I just purchase this off eBay...soho signature black backpack.

  7. She sells authentic stuff. Congrats! Hope your leg heals fast!
  8. That's the one I have. I love mine, and I hope that you love yours.

    I've had more complements on that bag than any other!