Need help with 866 VUITTON ?s--kinda long

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  1. Okay, this may be out there or something I should already know, but I am not sure of the answer. I usually purchase my brand new LVs from eLuxury or my DH has gone to Saks and purchased a few there. My 'used' bags have either come from let-trade, or a few other trusted sellers from eBay. Now my question- I have never purchased anything from 866 VUITTON. I called to confirm the date (2/1) for the Heart coin purse and mentioned that I was not sure if I could get waitlisted- the Saks in New Orleans does not appear to get as many items as it did before Katrina. I also let them know that this morning when I chatted with someone from eLuxury they said that they were going to carry them, just not sure when the will get them.

    So, he offered the most wonderful thing- he can order and ship it for me. Again, I knew they could do this, but I thought they sent it to a store and not to me directly. Anyway my question is this--what is shipping, are we taxed, and is a tip for the SA inappropriate? Depending on your answers, I may go this route moving forward. I especially liked the part that I could give him a list of items I was interested in and when my DH calls, he can point him in the right direction! This will be so much easier then leaving notes all over the house!

    Does anyone else use this method and is it worth it? Thanks again for ya'lls advice,
  2. They will ship via FedEx only--$10 ground, $20 2 day express, and I think there's a third option. Yes you are taxed because you are purchasing it from a store--but taxed for the state you live in. I have never heard of tipping an SA. I just ordered some items the other day from a store I normally don't visit because they had the items I wanted.
  3. Thanks so much for the information qtpie. $10 shipping is great, and taxes for New Orleans is 9%-this may be worth it
  4. i don't think you should tip them but you could send a nice thank you note!!
  5. When I called them, they forwarded me to a store who had the item in stock and I spoke with the SA briefly who took down my info. and hung up. I didn't know when it would be sent, etc. I think a nice note is always a desired show of appreciation.