need help - which to buy?

  1. I think I am going to use my 30% first time buyer purchase at revolve on Kooba - I don't have a Kooba and I have heard that they are amazing. There are a few that are in my price range and I want to get one clutch bag and one every day shoulder bag. Please tell me which ones to get... again, I have never seen these in person - they don't sell Kooba here. :sad: I was thinking of an Audrey for a clutch. They also have Haydons, Hollys, and Kieras for smaller bags. I would like a larger shoulder bag, I carry a LOT of stuff, not too structured, with softer leather and a comfortable shoulder strap. Which is my best option between a Sloane, Jillian, Carla, Ginger, Gretchen, Kelsey, or Jessie? I know this is a lot of choices, but I will buy today once I know which bags to choose. Thanks for all your expert help!!!!
  2. It's hard to tell you which bag you should buy. What do you like? The Kelsey is not a good shoulder bag. The Jillian doesn't have too soft of leather. Out of all these bags I'd say a Jessie but if you carry ALOT of stuff it might not be big enough. The Devin has really soft leather with a long shoulder strap. Do they have those available?
  3. They don't :sad: Is the Audrey nice for a clutch? And What about the Sloane?
  4. I would say the Jillian!! :yes: You have three colours to choose from,Sand, Bourbon or Black, and the leather is surprisingly smoosh-like ( well I have Jillians big sister, Ada in Sand and Im sure the leather is the same).
    Plus, judging by the real life pics I have seen, its a great medium size shoulder bag.
  5. The Sloan is large but very structured and not soft leather. That Metallic Brown Carla for 171.00 would fit the bill for size and softness. I am afraid even the Jillian is not going to be large enough. The Carla could fit 3 Jillians in it.
    I have no opinion on clutch's. Get what you like. I don't use them personally but I love all of them as far as the look.
  6. I love the Jillian - my friend had her's on last night (in black) and it's a great medium sized bag, however I have the Ginger (in black) and it's a gorgeous bag and very roomy. it's great on the shoulder and super comfortable.It's bigger than the Jillian though.

    btw, how do you get a first time 30% off?
  7. You Know what? That Carla is on at a bargain price that you should get the Carla, a Jillian AND a clutch! :yes:
    $171 for a Carla!!! Come on! We will never see that again for a while, unless it has mangled and chewed its way on to eBay....
  8. I agree with Halzer. For that Price AND 30% off you can get 2 bags and a clutch for the price you'd pay retail for one bag. I know If I hadn't already used my 30% long ago I'd be buying stuff.
  9. thanks all :smile: So The Carla and Ginger are larger than the Jillian? I need a really big bag to tote all my crap :smile:
  10. The Carla is HUGE - I got it and sent it back - It would have been great for me if I were a student or had a lot of stuff so you may like it. If you are petite though like me, it may overwhelm you. It's also gorgeous! The Ginger is a touch smaller but yet large as well but wider IMO and has shorter straps (2 of them) and the Jillian is the smallest of the three.
  11. Yes, I agree...the Jillian is bare essentials only....wallet, sunnies, cell, keys, makeup, gum.....if you are used to carting around a book, coupons, water bottle, or any other thing that might be bigger, then I think the Jillian is not your size.
  12. If you register at Revolve, you get 30% off your first purchase
  13. Sneaky thing about Revolve is, is that their retail price is inflated. An embossed Jessie on is 535. They say it retails for 563 on Revolve. Thta's almost 30 bucks they save on that sale.
  14. that kind of stinks! i am leaning towards the Carla - 171 minus 30%!
  15. The Carla at Revolve is an amazing deal. You can't go wrong if you want a big bag.... the Carla is definitely it! Little mini me has settled for the smaller version (Maria) because I carry very little in my purse.