Need Help...Which license plate?

  1. I'm trying to decide between "LVCHIC" or "BAGLVR". I have mostly LVs in my collection but can't decide. I was also considering "ARMCND" but DH doesn't think anyone would get it here.

    What do you think? :confused1:

  2. lol I get armcnd, thats cute. I like LVCHIC better than the alternative though.
  3. "LVCHIC" =1. Now thats totally hot. By the way, what does armncd stand for?
  4. Thanks for replying Berlyn & 3degree. My daughter thinks LVCHIC is best too.

    BTW, ARMCND = Arm Candy
  5. lvchic.
  6. Lv Chic!
  7. lv chic! that's awesome!
  8. LVCHIC !!!!!!!!!!!! So classy !!!
  9. I like BAGLVR, because LVCHIC could be interpreted two ways: 1. "chic" (French word) or 2. "chick"
  10. Lvchic!!!
  11. armcnd is so cute!!!!
  12. Lv Chic! :yes:
  13. I'll be the odd person out and say that I honestly would not do that. You could easily "outgrow" Louis Vuitton and I actually think that you invite people to break in to your car if they think there may be something of value inside. Break ins are quite frequent where I live and I wouldn't want to give people any more incentive to try it.
  14. Lvchic
  15. I agree.....:rolleyes: