Need help. Which color should i pick?

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  1. thanks everyone!!! seems like whiskey is winning haha. i love both colors but after reading everyone's thoughts i'm leaning towards whiskey.
  2. i like the whiskey! i think the darker color of the leather will stay looking cleaner and stand the hand of time better..

    my mom has some darker leather stuff thats lasted my whole lifetime.
  3. I would choose whiskey. But what is the first bag -- looks like the Legacy shoulder, but no pocket?
  4. thanks girls for your opinions! it is very much appreciated. i showed these pics to my family and everyone said they see me wearing the natural color more and they like that color than the whiskey. thanks again girls!! i decided on the natural even though it had more votes. in the future i'll get the whiskey but in the 06 legacy version, not liking the one pocket version anymore.
  5. whiskey :yes:
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