Need help. Which color should i pick?

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  1. Which color is better and practical? The Natural or the Whiskey? I need to decide by sunday so i need your thoughts. Which color would you get? Thanks!


    or the Whiskey
  2. hmm i'd prolly go with natural
  3. I would go with the whiskey! :tup:
  4. I prefer the whiskey but I don't have bags in either color so I don't know about how practical they are compared to eachother. I'm sure either is fine?
  5. it's actually whiskey. the walnut is a bit more in the browner side IRL. i like both colors though.
  6. I used to prefer natural, then I like whiskey now. Guess I'm no help, I don't own a bag in either color. I kind of worry that natural will get dirty fast but maybe it does not.
  7. ^^ I accidentally put that but then I realized it was wrong so I changed it! I guess you replied before I changed it lol.
  8. Whiskey all the way baby!!! I love that color!
  9. thanks for your thoughts girls! i'm still undecided haha...:noggin:
  10. Actually I think that second bag you're showing IS the walnut, isn't it? The whiskey is more orange. hmmmm
  11. no, this is the drilldown pic of the whiskey. if you pull up the walnut photo on the coach website you can see the difference when it's side by side.
  12. whiskey!! i have the whiskey leigh and the color is tdf!!
  13. oh, okay! my bad. just call me "oops". :shame:
  14. :lol:
  15. I'd go with the whiskey. The natural gets almost as dark as the whiskey over time I :heart: my whiskey Ali!