Need Help! Which Cles???


Which Cles?

  1. Perfo Orange

  2. Mono

  3. Niether, you don't need either!

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  1. Ok I just bought a graffiti pochette (in silver) & a mono ludlow (my first lv pieces!). Anyway, I'm thinking I want a cles to use for a little extra storage for ids & license. SO I'm thinking I should get the mono to go along with the my wallet & match everything, but I am also really liking the perfo in orange. I don't really want to get 2 of them but I just can't decide & I want to make the right choice! Please help me!
  2. Perf orange.
  3. perfo is cuter and has MUCH more space!
  4. Get the Perfo Orange Cles it's the one you love. You'll love mixing and matching instead of matchy matchy!
  5. Perfo Orange!! I just got one, and love it!!
  6. I wish I could find one in the fushia & make this whole choice SO much easier! I do really like orange though...hehe I'm getting excited....
  7. I love the perfo!
  8. Perfo is limited ed. after all !! :yes:
  9. PERFO!! Mono is too common for LV accessories!
  10. oh you guys r so helpful! i appriciate it so much!
  11. yhassan, perfo definately! It had the mono to match, but the orange to stand out.
  12. Orange Perfo for sure!
  13. I think I am going to order the orange perfo one before they sell out but do you guys think it would be at all possible to find the fushia one or should I not try?
  14. Orange Perfo! :biggrin:
  15. perfo!

    You can get the mono anytime but the perfo is LE