need help!! which bag???

  1. hey ladies!!!
    so my tutti ciao ciao is broken!
    where the lesportsac thing is sewn to the bag its coming off right in the middle of the bag
    i purchased it from pulse so i email them & thank god they are going to let me exchange it but they dont have another ciao ciao but they do have
    gioco, bambino, campeggio, cucciolo, and canguro
    i thkn im gonna do the gioco or the campeggio
    but i hate cut off prints like i dont want a girls head cut off
    i think im gonna have to call them tomorrow & do a print placement i love the baby & adios
    i dont know!!!
  2. You poor thing! I'm so sorry about your Tutti Ciao2. If you're looking for a large bag, and you don't want heads cut off, then I'd say get a Campeggio. If you're looking for a purse bag, then definitely the Gioco. Definitely do print placement for both if you can.

    Good luck with your new bag, whatever you choose!
  3. i say gioco! the style is beautiful, but it can be a pain getting in and out of your bag.
  4. Ooooooooooh, I really like Tutti in the gioco style!! And it is possible to not have cut-off heads and stuff... I've seen some really cute ones on e-bay!! Gioco, gioco, gioco!! Hehehe. :wlae:
  5. I would also recommend a Campeggio, it's the next best thing to a ciao ciao in my opinion. It's big but not TOO big. =)
  6. Re: Campeggio - that's one bag that holds a lot! And I'm a big bag girl!
  7. Campeggio is awesome! The gioco is a pain in the butt to get in and out of because of the zipper.
  8. I vote for campeggio!

    Many times I've tried to like the gioco because I like the way it looks when it's folded but every time I physically try it on at the store the zipper area annoys the heck out of me! Sure you can leave it unzipped but still I never trust unzipped purses :p
  9. ahhh i just dotn know im leaning more toward the campeggio i like those as my everyday bags if i get a gioco it will barely see the light of day i have a pirata that i almost never use & it is because of the zipper
  10. I love my giocos, but I'm gonna say campeggio, too~ You'll get more characters on it, and less chance of any sliced heads :p
  11. i love the gioco style so that would be my vote.