Need Help, which bag should I keep??

  1. I recently purchased two Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini's: (1) Blue w/ Basketweave and (2) Royal w/ Basketweave. I'm torn as to which bag to keep, the Royal is still in route but I know I'm going to love it just as much as I do the Blue; the leather is so soft and the lining is so cute. Help, which of the two do you TPF'ers like best?
    Sorry I don't have any pictures of the bags, camera is broken :crybaby:but here are some links and a pic posted by a fellow TPF'er (Luna) Please help as I have a limited amount of time to decide (the return clock is ticking).
  2. I like the first one. I think the color really pops and it'll look great in winter and spring because of the vibrant color. It's a nice change from the more toned down colors. Let us know which one you keep!
  3. I like the Royal so much better- it is so unique and beautiful- like a work of art. Also- it seems to show off the basketweave details better.
  4. Oh wow, hands down, I would go with the Royal Blue! Out of curiousity, where did you buy it?
  5. I bought the Royal at WinkNyc.
  6. i like the second one better than the blue one
  7. Definitely the royal blue one. It is so unique and eye catching. I love it!
  8. i also vote for the bright blue. it looks like a great color!
  9. Well I prefer the more pale blue personally (ie the one in the second link)
  10. My vote is for the bag in the second link. But either one is a beautiful really can't go wrong.