Need help.. Whats next ?

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  1. Hi all.. I need help to make decision on my next purchase. My sister will travel to London in the next 2 weeks, and i want to ask her to buy LV.
    I know i just purchased speedy empriente 30 in black and totally DE MM. But this is an opportunity for me to buy cheaper bag than in local store. Yes yes i know i just create an excuse to buy a new bag. But i really need your help. ;)
    I am thinking to buy something in DA. I dont have any of DA. I like the pattern but i am so afraid its not easy to maintain. Is it time to buy DA ? If yes.. I only want to buy Neverfull. I want to try DA first. So i want to choose the cheapest. What do you think about my idea ? I like big bag, should i choose MM or GM ? I like to see neverfull cinched.
    I also love noe. Eeer should i just grab noe ? Oh help me please.......
    Additional info, this is my collection so far :

    - speedy 30 empriente black
    - metis empriente celeste
    - NF GM ikat rose indien
    - NF MM mon monogram (on order)
    - speedy 35 mon monogram
    - speedy B 30 DE
    - totally MM DE
    - SLG's... I dont think i need to mention all my SLG. :smile:

    Any comments welcome here. Thank you.
  2. u already have 2 NF so my vote is for the noe but since u want it in azur would you be ok with all that vachetta

  3. You can read my mind.. I am scared to see too much vachetta. Lol..
    Either mono or azur, they both have too much vachetta.
  4. Maybe a small bag in DA, like Favorite or Eva?

  5. I dont really use small bag. I like big bag. :smile:
  6. Noe :love:

  7. Then I would go for a NF :smile:
  8. I have a noe bb in DA and I love it! The vachetta doesn't worry me either, but it does you. I don't think I would get another NF though.
  9. In my opinion, the DA Neverfull is the best choice for a DA bag and here is why:

    Summer is all about easy living and being on the go. A large open tote is perfect for this! You can just toss all those warm weather extras inside - sunscreen, water, hat, camera, magazine, sweater, book, etc etc etc. It's all no problem for the beautiful and functional Neverfull!! I think I just talked myself into one! LOL! I would own one if I didn't have a bright Mon Mono Neverfull for summer! Love, love, love the DA Neverfull!!
  10. I vote for NF. It's cute in DA. I actually want one too.
  11. +1
  12. What about the Evora in Azur that is a really beautiful bag.
  13. ^:tup:
  14. I like the NF best and don't mind multiples of a bag that I love and use a lot. The Noe is gorgeous too and would bring some versatility to your collection. All that vachetta though...:sweatdrop: it would have me too nervous.
  15. definitely the NF in DA :smile: