Need help, what would you do...

  1. I'm going away for a week and i'm a little stuck on the situation. Basically we're living in a place with a kitchen, and I don't want to go out everyday. The only thing is, i'm used to chinese cookery where we add little teaspoons of every seasoning out there! It's very impractical for me to buy soy sauce, chili sauce, corn starch, so on so forth just for a week because i'll have to lug it all back home where I already have all of it. But outside of the field of japanese and chinese cookery, I am completely lost.

    I guess I am just looking for what people think are the most basic of things to have around in the kitchen that can add up to a different dinner each night if that makes sense. Plus, a few suggestions on how to just serve up something different would be good. I am living with non asians, and as far as I know one of them just doesn't like asian food so I don't think he'd like what I make.

    So, basic ingredients, recipes involving the smallest possible amount of ingredients, suggestions, anything would be great! Thanks a lot!
  2. I'd say you can still buy smaller sizes of soy sauce, black bean can marinate in them and you can add a little ginger/sugar to make teriyaki sauce for meats.. it's pretty cheap anyway ($1.50 a bottle) so if you leave it behind or throw it it isn't a big deal..