Need Help -- What to pick?

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  1. I have a credit for $250 because they could not repair my bag. I can do a bag or small accessories. The bag that ripped was a patent leather jet set tote.

    What would you pick out?

    OMG they are so much faster than Coach with repairs. It has just been a week since I sent to them.
  2. If it were me, I'd get a Dressy Jet Set...(I'm sorry about your bag)
  3. anyone have the MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Crossbody

    Wondering how large it is?
  4. I'd get a grommet Selma since their currently on sale in that price range....... :smile:
  5. Can't use anything that is on sale. It has to come from their website. I can't go over. I can go under of course but lose the extra money.

    I guess I will have to head to Macy's and try on a few bags tomorrow. Then pick.