NEED HELP!!! What should I do????

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What should I do

  1. Exchange - the Rose Pop ZCP and get the blue Wilshire (and use my white mc koala)

  2. Keep - the Rose Pop ZCP and just wait on the new blue Wilshire

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  1. As many of you know I just got the rose pop zippy coin purse the other day. I really love the color and how small it is.

    I have a white MC koala wallet that I love but the MC is rubbing off pretty bad. So that is why I got the ZCP. So if I return the ZCP I would continue to use the koala.

    Here is where I need your help. I now want the new blue Wilshire blvd.

    Should I keep the rose pop ZCP and wait on the Wilshire or return it and get the Wilshire?
  2. Here is my ZCP


    Here is my friends Wilshire next to my Alma.

  3. The rose pop ZCP is gorgeous but so is the Wilshire Blvd. Won't the Rose Pop be discontinued soon? If so, than I would keep the wallet and wait on the blue bag. How bad is the MC rubbing off? Can you post a picture of your MC rubbing off? Curious to see since I just got a MC ZCP and now am worried about when this might happen to mine. How long did it take for you to notice the colors coming off?
  4. Keep the Zippy and wait for the Wilshire.
  5. I LOVE the rose pop. It is fun, young and has alot of life. But, if you are leaning towards the blue i would definitely exchange it.
  6. I tend to go with bags over slgs...
  7. LOL. Im so tired and its all your fault! Get the bag you love so much!
  8. I'd keep the ZCP, it is so beautiful!
  9. I agree especially if you have a wallet already.
  10. Shut up!!! Not my fault man!!! Bella woke me up at 6:30, so I did not get much sleep either. On Rodeo right now with the kids and a tpf'er. Have you made up your mind on what you are getting at NM? Buy the wilshire and send it to me!!!
  11. can you keep the zcp and still get the wilshire????? if so do that ;)
  12. get the bag! it's sooo cute!
  13. sure! after you send me the vernis alma! ;) See any nice bags? Fina me a nice mono bag. Hehehe. I wish I was there..........
  14. definitely wait to get the bleu nuit wilshire.... rose pop is about to be discontinued whereas the bleu nuit just came out so it will be around for a while :]
  15. Both! Sell the koala on ebay before the it gets to bad..