Need help - what is this bag?

  1. I am looking for a bag that looks like the Luxe Bowler, but it has shorter leather straps and it does not have any silver/metallic weaving around it, just plain black...anyone know which one I'm talking about??? I can't find a pic, but if you have one, please post it!


    Here is a pic of the bowler, in case you need to visualize it!
  2. Could it be the Cambon Bowler. Here's a pic of mine.
  3. ^ i thought of that too
  4. Did you mean to post that here? This is the Chanel forum. Maybe you should post that in the MJ forum in a new thread.
  5. Is it the Caviar bowling bag? Caviar leather ..quilted...with two CC's in the front...short leather across the top...slightly rounded top with flat bottom with feet....
  6. Erica, I deleted that post. . . RANDOM! LOL!

    It was a duplicate anyhow!
  7. Ok. I thought I was trippin for a minute. Didn't know where I was. Lol.
  8. Lmbo!
  9. nypersonalshpper, your descroption sounds accurate...however it is not does have CC's, short leather handles, it has a zip on the top and the shape is like the bowler...not sure if it has feet on the bottom, haven't seen it! Hope this helps!!!
  10. Anyone with feedback?
  11. Ladies, I think it is part of the Luxe line, same line as the bowler...does that help?
  12. I haven't seen luxe ligne pieces w/o the chain woven through the strap though{?}
  13. From the pic you posted, that looks like the Medium Bowler from the Luxury Ligne. That bag will cost you a $2160. HTH
  14. ^I think she said it's similar.
  15. what about this one....

    I believe it's 1295.00, also come in black.
    It's about 12" from left to right 7.5-8" high and around 7" wide.