need help...what is blue gris or lapion???

  1. I have been calling around on my quest for a blueberry daybag (no success it seems) or a back up french blue. (Not sure yet if I should try to hold out for the blueberry, but the FB is a beautiful color. Is it practical? Will I use it a lot? Or is it hard to wear?)

    Anyway some of these sales people seem to have no idea what i am talking about, and many don't even know the style. One mentioned a color Blue gris, i think she said and another couldn't find it, the ticket said lapion??? She said it comes up a dark blue but it is not.

    Has anyone heard of these? Do you know what they are talking about?

    Any opinions on going for the FB or waiting for a blueberry to pop up are also appreciated. I am so undecided about everything!!!:confused1:

  2. I think blue gris is blue india
    lapion? no idea
  3. thanks, i think you are right alisonanna, about it being blue india and I did check that website (it is my bible) but found no listing. I appreciate the help
  4. no idea about the colour names...

    but i say wait for the blueberry! it's not THAT old of a colour and i'm sure it'd pop up on eBay sometime in the near future! :yes:
  5. Yes thank you I saw that. And I am considering. But I am afraid because I have not seen that color IRL and there have not been too many postings of it, for me to get an idea. If there was a comparison between blueberry and indigo it might make it easier. You know most of the ebay sellers will not take returns, so I worry about bidding on something if I haven't seen it.
  6. Blueberry / Bleu Roi is gorgeous. I'd wait for that. Indigo doesn't have the depth of Blueberry...
  7. thanks kdc, that helps clarify for me.