need help! what color first??

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  1. to cut a long story short, my bf has offered to buy me a bag as a bonus for landing the internship that i wanted. :yahoo:i recently just returned my naturel first since i bought a GH brief in the same color. i really loved the shape and the size of the bag so i'm looking to branch out to a much brighter color since it's such a small bag. while i love all the blues, he said any color but blue (thinks i already have too many blue bags! :shrugs:) and i have an 05 olive twiggy so not too sure if i should get another green from balenciaga.

    so i'm thinking about vermilion, aqua (it's both green and blue so it doesn't count?? :graucho:), rouge vif (is it still possible to get this color?!).

    does anyone know what BALNY has in stock? i asked them for specific pictures for the colors i was interested in and they didn't tell me what other colors they had in stock for a first.

    i'm so tempted by all these colors and would love to hear some of your suggestions! (i also really want an eggplant first! so should i just wait and get a GH clutch instead?? ack!!)
  2. Aqua!!! Definately!!!

    Here's a little inspiration!;)
  3. I love the first in Red. But if you want an eggplant someday, maybe hold out for that and get the flat clutch in vermillion.

    The violet is coming this Fall, so you could get the first in that if you can't find an eggplant.
  4. that is a really gorgeous aqua! it does seem like the color varies a lot from bag to bag though...

    oops i meant violet!

    cracker, did you decide on which color clutch you were getting?
  5. not yet. I'm really torn. I'd like to do Aqua to have something bright in my bag........but then I don't think I'd use it for much else. Black is great and HOT and I'd probably get more use out of it. Decisions, decisions. I also think vermillion would be nice but I'm hoping in the Fall I can get a flat clutch in rouge with silver GH. I think red will look incredible with silver hardware.
  6. Thanks! Yes, I think it does vary, but I've liked every variation that I've seen anyways.

    I think that red would be a stand out color for a first or even the upcoming violet color! I love the violet color, but I think I'm going to have to pass on getting anything in it, because DH makes fun of me anytime I get a bag in purples... :cursing: Men that don't understand bag lust, hmpfh.

    Anyhow, I don't think you could go wrong with either... vermillion/rouge VIF or the violet.
  7. I vote for a rouge VIF if you can get your hands on one! I love that color!
  8. i wonder if anyone has a comparison picture of the two colors?? :hrmm:that would be awesome! :smile:

    cracker, i definitely agree. although i always think if it's small it's always nice to have something really bright and eye-catching! it's a) easier to find in your bag b) almost a statement piece when you use it on its own. :smile: a rouge and silver clutch would be gorgeous.

    bags4bubbles, i totally know what you mean. my bf thinks i'm completely obsessed with bbags :amazed:(which is only -kind of- true). although it's nice that's he's been supportive and tells me that it looks good. :p that's all we can ask for right?? hehe assimilate him slowly, maybe first a wallet in purple and then move on to the bigger items.

    i know! i just emailed BalNY again to check if they have rouge vif, i know they have vermilion.. *fingers crossed*
  9. I've always thought of the First as being the perfect size and shape for 1) black, or 2) brights!

    I agree that a beautiful red like vermillion or RV would be stunning! Both are gorgeous reds so you can't go wrong. could wait for violet or jaune come fall.
  10. I would go for Aqua too.. especially if you like blues. Its closer enough, without breaking his Blue rule.
  11. i prefer aqua...
  12. Ooh my vote goes to the clutch. So classy
  13. Since your bf is paying I think :heart: red :heart: would be a perfect choice! ;)
  14. Personally i will go for either rouge or aqua color....indeed, eggplant is a catch but it's rare to see them ard but it's jus a matter of time for them to pop up online....well, u can still go for that 1st then buy eggplant later......:smile:
  15. thanks for all your help guys. i'm going to call BalNY later today to see what they have in stock and if they could send me more pictures. :smile: fingers crossed about rouge vif! will let you know once i decide! heh heh :happydance: