Need help....what bag next?

  1. HI everyone!

    I'm stuck. I am going to Toronto for the US Thanksgiving...and hubby says no problem about me buying something from LV. With the US exchange rate I'm guessing the prices will be right around the I'm starting to think now about what bag I should buy. HELP!!!

    Here is what I have so far in my collection (I'm not including any of the accessories like wallets or keychains because I'm not looking to buy any of them):
    black MC speedy
    mono speedy
    damier speedy
    black MC Lodge PM
    all graffiti pochettes, all CB pochettes, cerises pochette, panda pochette
    cerises speedy

    Currently on my wish list are the following:
    black MC Trouville
    Saleya PM
    Epi speedy 25 in black, red or blue

    What do you ladies think...based on my current collection what should I get?
    Are there any great bags I am forgetting to look at or add?

    I have about 20 days to decide :yes:
  2. Since you have nothing from the epi line yet, why not get the epi speedy first? Any one of the three colors would be great!

    Or how about a Manhattan PM? :graucho: For no particular reason, just because you have almost everything on my wishlist except for that. :lol: Oh, that reminds me, and maybe a vernis Bedford too. :P
  3. LOL LV! I did have the Manhattan PM on my list awhile back....but I prefer the Duomo as a handheld over the Manhattan....and I already have a couple bags with the front pockets thing (MC Speedy & Lodge) I wanted something a little different.

    I am kind of leaning towards the Epi...I could use some color in my LV wardrobe!

    I also forgot to add that a Damier Alma is also on my list!
  4. saleya! just in time for winter!
  5. i would say add something more in the damier line! since u have mostly "colorful" bags! get the saleya pm!
  6. I think the Saleya PM will be a nice addition to your collection.:yes:
  7. I say mix it up and get something from the epi line!
  8. Saleya PM in Azur:love:
  9. Twiggs, definately the red epi speedy!!! You will love it, and it's so sharp looking!!
  10. Hmmmm...seems like it's between the Epi and the Saleya.

    Traci: I am leaning toward the red Epi is I go with Epi....mostly because I need some much brown in my bag collection! really is a tough choice between the two. Both are handheld....both are versatile for wearing in the rain/snow. But I am limited to only one....or maybe.....LOL

    Do any of the Canadian gals know what the price of the Epi 25 is up there?

    Thanks for the suggestion Lee....but I am holding off on Azur until Spring..mostly because I know I probably won't wear it until then...and hubby says for that kind of money I better be using it LOL

    Any more input on deciding between the two would be great!!!!!!!!
  11. ^^RED is hot, hot, hot!!!!

    I swear everytime I wear the bag, someone compliments me on it!! It's the perfect red too! Doesn't sag, holds it's shape well, and fits a ton in it!! Have I sold you on it yet?? hee hee
  12. LOL Traci...I am really leaning toward it.....if I do it will end up being the 'new' red since it'll be a boutique buy.
    Can I ask a question about the Epi (I've never bothered to try one on in the store since I was on a mono freak out for a while...and am just now wanting to diversify into color without leaving LV)....I know the leather has a grain to does it feel? Is it smooth or bumpy (for lack of a better word)?
  13. The Duomo is the only Damier I like and want. However, I see that you don't have any solid black pieces so I would go with the black epi speedy.

  14. the epi is bumpy but its a very fine texture! def. the red or blue epi speedy :yahoo:
  15. Love the red epi speedy! Or maybe the Passy (seen many lovely pics of the passy here)? What about the Suhali range?