Need help - way too indecisive...

  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum and thought this would be a great place to ask for an opinion! I'm trying to decide between four bags. I'm a SAHM of 4, dress casually mostly but I do like to dress nicely occasionally. I don't want to be "that" mom who you can tell is a frumpy old mom! I want to look hip and young (I'm 40), but yet have a classy timeless bag.

    I'm trying to choose among:
    the Hampton perforated medium carryall in black/black signature
    the black all leather Carly demi
    the east west soft duffle in black leather
    the black leather Hampton medium leather carryall

    My problem is that the Carly demi is a bit too small for everything, the all leather Hampton handle drop is so small I can't use it as a shoulder bag (hard since I'm an interactive shopper!), the duffle might be a bit too slouchy (I've not had a slouchy bag before), and the sig Hampton is a bit heavy (and I'm not sold on the signature, even though it is subtle).

    I typically do leather (durability and that intoxicating smell!) and black. Is the leather Hampton too "matronly"? Is the duffle too young and casual (my 11 yr old's second favorite, after the Carly)? Can I really do a handbag (not shoulder) in this stage of my life? I love how the duffle feels on - so soft and comfy and stays on my shoulder. The medium Carly is too big and heavy for me. Is the zipper top on the Hampton secure enough so that stuff doesn't fall out of the sides when the bag is dumped over?

    Did anyone else see the leather Hampton and the e/w duffle at the outlets like I did this weekend? I also got the mini sig mini skinny!

    Sigh....:confused1: What is the perfect bag for me!?!?!?!

    Sorry such a long post, but I need to make a decision for my own sanity, and my poor family! I'm obessing over this!


    all leather Hampton

    signature Hampton carryall (I think this is a large in the photo, though)
  2. Sorry you are having trouble deciding! I think most of us do at times! (some of us all the time!) :rolleyes: I would say go with what YOU feel comfortable with.. and if all four of the choices have something you don't like about them.. wait a bit and you may find something that really floats your boat!!! I know all too well the quest for the "perfect" bag I have come close, but I really don't think there IS a PERFECT bag. they all have one thing or another that bug you about it. Anyway, I LOVE my medium carly and don't find her to be big or heavy one bit.. and I also like that siggy hampton.. think it may look a little younger than the leather.. but it all comes down to what you think and how it makes you feel when you wear it. Good luck, let us know what you decide! :tup:
  3. Hi and welcome!! I really like the black signature carryall best. So pretty!
  4. Thanks for the input! I am almost down to deciding between the Hampton and the east west duffle. I've been "practicing" with them at home and the family thinks I am nuts!!!

    However, that cute little demi Carly keeps calling my name (but how much can you really put in it?)

    Any more ideas on the perfect bag?????

  5. Here's another vote for the signature!!! It's so pretty!
  6. I like the signature carryall. It's pretty & I especially like the little feet on the bottom of the bag!
  7. The Signature carryall is classy, elegant and durable, that's what I'd recommend!
  8. all leather hampton.. the leather will only get softer and im sure you wont stop touching it!

    i love worn in coach leather.. my 02 hobo has the softest leather ive ever felt.. i wear it just to touch it!
  9. I am surprised there are no votes for the demi Carly, since there are so many Carly fans out there. Is it because the demi's are not very practical for everyday?

    Are there none also for the east west soft duffle? Pros or cons?

    For all the Hampton fans - does it stay on your shoulder well? Or do you use it strictly on your arm?

    I agree with the leather comment - feels so nice!

    Thanks for the input! It is indispensible!
  10. The small Carly (a/k/a demi) is very small and you really can't fit very much inside. You can't tell from Coach's website that the zipper top is recessed about an inch, taking away quite a bit of space. I've been using a Legacy Framed French Purse wallet but wasn't able to use it in my small Carly because it was too tall and couldn't fit in the bag. The small Carly is considerably smaller than the other three bags you are considering. However, with all that being said, it's an absolutely adorable bag. If you can get away with such a small bag I highly recommend it. If you need more room I think you should go with one of the others. :yes:

  11. I just got a Hamptons leather carryall. I don't think they're matronly, just classic. I'm a SAHM too and plan on using mine all the time and I'm about as casual as you can get in dressing. (I draw the line at wearing pj's in public though :smile:) I vote for the leather Hamptons.
  12. I LOVE the signature one. If I had to choose I would go with that one. Now mind you I have the Hamptons carry all and the Hamptons business tote or bus tote that are both peppled leather and they have the braided belt. LOVE them. Gosh I even considered another one in yet another color but decided to hold back. If the choice was between that and the sig I would have a difficult time. Now the all leather one like the picture is VERY nice. Yet everyone I see trying it on... the one thing that holds them back is they think it may look a little to "matronly" as you mentioned. I went back to get it this past weekend anyway but walked away with the pebbled Hampton with braided "belt" in camel instead and LOVE it.
    I am actually looking forward to NOT Having a pocket book hanging off my shoulder this fall. My back is killing me. In the end you have to pick what is best for you. I say sig though :tup:
  13. I agree with you on your bag with the braided belt being classy - the one I'm looking at is smooth leather, and the hardware is small and it is not at all as nice or striking. It is almost like my mom's Liz Claiborne...eeek! Do you find the zipper annoying - hard to zip back up? Is yours a large or medium carryall? Do you find it heavy, especially when full? I saw them at the outlet, but I think I was in too much of a hurry to really take it all in.

    Your little one is so cute, btw! My youngest just turned 2!

    Thanks for your help!
  14. I must say that why I want a light bag is because my back can't handle all the weight all the time! I don't carry too much (I don't even have a kleenex for those kids' noses!) and it still hurts on those power shopping days. Is yours a large or medium carryall? I only saw the large ones with the braided belt and I think that is too big for me - I'm short AND I'm a wimp! Did they come in a medium?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  15. Have you considered a medium Ergo hobo? I bought a chocolate leather hobo a few weeks ago and I love it. It is a great size (not too small and not too big), it is light, and it stays on my shoulder. I like it so much that I ended up buying two more (camel and black) from an outlet last week.