Need Help w/part time strap!

  1. I did a few searches but couldn't find this info. And the new reference library only lists the city's strap length and not the part-time's.

    One of my part time's strap length is about 3/4" to an inch shorter than the strap on another Part time. So I was wondering if it could have gotten exchanged for a city's strap? :confused1:

    I currently don't own a city so can't compare the straps...Could someone please be kind enough to measure the lengths of the straps on their city and part- time and tell me the difference?

    I would prefer the measurement from where the leather part of the strap begins and to where it ends.

    Thanks in advance! I would sooooo appreciate it! :tup:
  2. anyone? please!? I need to know so I can decide whether to return this baby or not!
  3. I had started a thread about strap lengths but it seems to have disappeared...
    Since they are different lengths on the same style purse though, I suggest that you ask for an exchange of the strap anyway!
  4. ^thanks Danae, your posts and link were very helpful!!! It was two part times that had the straps that differed in lengths by like an inch or so.... so u think then it should still be exchanged? But how do I know what will come in the mail...the discrepancy could still be there! I am just glad that it could not have been a city strap on my PT, if the city's and PT's straps have a big difference in length. Phew! Though an inch is still a pretty big difference considering that bbags do not get long enough when it comes to their straps!
  5. Are they from different seasons? I just hope that they haven't permanently shortened it!!!! argh. :cursing:
  6. ^ I believe it is from 06. It has the same tag serial nos. as my marron 06.
  7. This is very strange. Could it be a manufacturing inconsistency? mintpearl you should call Bal and explain the difference between two bags of the same season...