Need help w/ next purchase

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  1. Here's what I need....some type of shoulder bag (I have a 2 1/2 year old so hang held is out for now). Size wise....I have a Chanel PST (a little snug sometimes) and a Gucci Pelham (huge!). I want something kind of in between. I scoped out the LV the other day while I was at the mall. There seemed to be some good options. Just wanted opinions from you guys on what you liked best and was the most functional. Thanks!!!
  2. I really like the cabas pianos and the cabas mezzos in monogram! I also love the multicolor ursulas!
  3. I like the Monty among all the new shoulder bags. Simple yet chic and functional with a zippered top and has a roomy interior, plus easy to get things in and out of:yes:. Not too much vachetta to worry about too:tup:.
  4. I like the neverfull
  5. A zipper on top would be nice. I hit the brakes and everything pours out of my Chanel (open top).
  6. The popincourt haut is a great bag. It's quite roomy without being too large and it's very comfy to wear.
  7. galliera pm, tivoli, palermo gm, onatah, tahitienne
  8. popincourt haut and monty pm/gm!!!
  9. I really like the batignolles vertical as a shoulder bag, it's roomier than the PH, and a little neater looking than the neverfull.
  10. The Tivoli GM.
  11. Hudson !
  12. I like the Monty PM!
    I have a 3 year old, and this bag is so functional and roomy. It is an excellent price point and the perfect kick around bag!
  13. Batignolles Horizontal. Or Montorgueil PM if you need a zipper.
  14. i have the bagnitolles horizontal and use it as my daily workhorse bag (i have a 2 year old). i understand what you mean about the open top vs zipper issue, but i've been very happy with the BH and love the easy access to everything i need while on my shoulder, on my arm, or on the car seat. that said, i am planning on going to the LV store tomorrow to pick up a Galliera PM to have as a different option.
  15. Get Monty or Tivoli!:tup: