Need help w/ new bag wear issue

  1. I'm so hoping to get some advice on a problem I have. About ten weeks ago, I was thrilled to acquire my first H bag - a 28cm Kelly Troika. I did have some lingering doubt about the wearability of a bag with hair hide but I loved it and couldn't wait to wear it. I've been wearing it with care but now I see my concern was not unfounded. The hair has already worn off - about a 1/4 inch off the lower back corner of the bag. I'm hoping to get some advice from the wealth of experience on the H forum. Is there anything I can or should do about this? It's really a heartbreaker :sad:
  2. Oh. :push:Sorry to hear that. That is a worry about troika - the hair dropping off. Is it a small bald patch already? Honestly, Troika is a new thing with Hermes, and occurrences like this, have to take place with clients, before they know what to do. Sad but true. I think you need to bring your bag to your H store, and speak with your manager. I will PM you.
  3. I agree!!!! Absolutely bring that baby right back to the store! Im sure they will take care of this to your satisfaction.....
  4. Please bring it back to Hermes and alert them to the problem. They were well aware that this could be a problem. And I would really appreciate if you would let us know what their response was to your concerns,:smile:. Good Luck, I hope that it all gets sorted out for you.
  5. Thank you so much for the advice. But, one small issue....I bought the bag at the H store in San Francisco while on vacation. I have also gotten to know an SA close to home (Bal Harbour) and bought a Jige from a lovely SA in Palm Beach. Do you think I should call the San Fran store or ask my local people if they can assist?
  6. Bring it to your local store, absolutely, if that is what is convenient for you. It doesn't matter where you bought it. Just explain to them the issue and tell them that you bought it on vacation -- they'll be able to find that info in their computers if necessary. GL!
  7. MrsM is right. :yes:
  8. cymmitten, good luck! I hope everything works out. :smile:
  9. I remember I contemplated buying a ponyskin jacket (not hermes) years back and the SA forewarned me that there would be bald patches at the elbows and other places where there is constant rub. She was being responsible i felt in explaining the care required. Is there a care card along with the troika bag indicating the possibility of fur loss? Of course many of us in this forum or who have had experience with such already know about it but I guess not everyone who buys a troika would be aware. For such an expensive bag, I would be surprised if there were no "words of caution" from hermes?

    Do bring it back to the store and see what they can do about it. Hope this saga turns out well. Good luck
  10. <-----------No care card, or 'words of caution' were given to me. THUD
  11. Good luck cymmitten! I'm sure H will do everything it can to help.

  12. That's kind of shocking to know Encore! I have a LV monogram dalmatien sac rabat which is half printed calf skin and I was informed from the beginning to avoid rubbing hair to avoid damage to the hairs and loss of the hair. I hope this can be corrected for you easily!
  13. To add to the debate, when a fellow tPFer was looking at a troika kelly I specifically asked both craftsman and SA about loss of hair and both said "no problem"
  14. I too was given no specific instructions or warnings on the use/care of troika...
  15. I was afraid of this. I had a Bosca half calf wallet and key case years ago and over time the hair wore off the pressure points which were the folds. Still, it took a while for this to happen. I am so sorry this happened to you. Def need to take back to the boutique!