Need help w/ my first pair of CLs (Pigalle Finzi 100mm)!

  1. I just bought my first pair of CLs, the Pigalle Finzi, from Neiman Marcus on clearance for $279. I have never gotten into designer shoes, including CLs, so I am very unfamiliar with how their sizing works and how my foot should fit in the shoe. I normally wear size US6.5 in most shoes and my foot is a bit wide. The only size left in the Pigalle was a 36 and I didn't even think I was going to be able to get my foot in, but length-wise, the shoe feels fine. However, I feel like the toebox is too small and my toes are very cramped. Can you please look at my pics and tell me if the shoe looks too small? Will the toebox stretch out? Are the shoes worth keeping even if I think they are a bit small and uncomfortable? Also, would you consider these shoes "classic" enough to keep or should I just return and use the $300 towards another style? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm a CL newbie and I hope you can help me out!

  2. $279?! Wow thats great! Congrats on your first pair!

    They do look a *little* tight in my opinion from the pics, but I would think they would stretch out a little... I'm not sure if it is the way you are standing but your foot seems to be sliding down in the second pic, which would make the toe box feel tight? I just bought some Scholl Air Pillo Half insoles to stop my feet sliding down my very prives and they work fab! Also some moleskin for the side of your feet, look a little sore. I love them!
  3. i think they would work out fine, esp when kid leather does stretch quite a bit! i love those!! if i ever find them on sale, i would snag them right up! wowwiee
  4. WOW -- those are a steal at $279!:yahoo: I have these shoes and got them a while ago -- wish I waited to get them on sale.

    From the pictures, they do look a little small on you in the length. I also have a wide foot and think these run true to size or a 1/2 size up will do as well. I tried on a half size smaller and wore them around the store. Problem was that shoe pinched the side of my foot by the little toe because my foot was a little too crammed into the toebox. They were sold out of my true size, which would have been perfect, so I opted to get a 1/2 size bigger than my true size. I added an insert and they felt so much more comfortable on my toes and no rubbing.

    I've made the mistake of buying CLs a little to small and find that I rarely ever wear them. :crybaby:

    You should try to have the store locate a 1/2 size bigger for you, or even a full size bigger with an insert.
  5. They're a classic shoe with CL's distinct, sophisticated touch.. definitely something you will always be able to wear with ease.
  6. That is a great shoe. I would see if the store could find it in a 36.5 as they look a bit tight. I have some other pigalles and they do seem to be tight against the toe because of how they are made.