Need help w/ matching shoes to this dress

  1. I have a wedding banquet i have to attend late november. this is the dress i'm planning to wear.

    I need shoes to match this dress. i'm thinking if it looks alright if I wear black stockings and black shoes. i found a shoes that I love a while ago, before i decided to wear this dress. do you think it'll look ok w/ it?? and if it does, will it be weird if i wear stockings w/ peep hole shoes?

  2. cute dress. I don't personally like stockings with peep-toes. I think that dress would look really cute with patent black pumps. Maybe even patent black mary janes.
  3. very nice dress.....however i think with the black shoes it might darkened you up too much.......why not find shoes in lighter colours like on the model?
  4. I think I would prefer to see more skin with strappier shoes to show off long legs since the dress covers up the body quite nicely. Maybe wear your hair up to show off the neckline and nice earrings, then wear a metallic shoe to match your jewelry?
  5. Yep, I am thinking a nude colour strappy sandal or a gorgous gold pair that you could also accessorise with a bracelet or bag?

    Pretty dress, I think it just needs dressing up with the shoes, as opposed to down :smile:
  6. I would go with Gold. I think the nude shoes that the model is wearing makes the dress looks casual. Maybe some round-toe, stacked peep toe or strappy sandals.

  7. ITA. :yes:

    Or silver, if you prefer.

    I love the dress, BTW! :heart:
  8. I agree - or contrast the dress with silver/gold shoes and accessories (Just don't over do it, lol)

    Love the dress too!:flowers:
  9. I would go with either silver or gold accessories.
  10. I was talking to someone and they didn't understand how women would want to wear black dresses to weddings. I told him it was all in the accessories.

    To a funeral, you'd do the black dress, black shoes, black stockings.

    To a wedding, wouldn't you want to do silver (or gold) accessories? And maybe a cute clutch?
  11. Go with Gold or Silver. Both would look grreat with that shade of purple.