Need help w/ gift for niece...

  1. Hello all. I have another niece who has a birthday coming up. She is turning 14. I was torn between these four. SWING PACKS or shoulder bags? Please help. TIA

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I'm not a fan of swingpacks, I prefer shoulder bags. I have the Watercolor Wristlet and LOVE it!!! I'd say definitely go for the Watercolor.
  3. My daughter is almost 13 and loves the patchwork. She would love both but prefer the swingpack because of the longer strap.
  4. Those on the left look like pouches...they don't necessarily fit over the shoulder (I can't fit them over mine).
  5. I'd say watercolor and pouch.
  6. I see alot of younger girls carrying Coach pouches...I think that would be a good choice for her.
  7. I think either of the pouches would be cute.
  8. watercolor pouch!
  9. I think the watercolor pouch would be great! :smile:
  10. I personally think the watercolor pouch looks cute and youthful :smile:
  11. Pouch-- all the younger girls here are carrying the patchwork.
  12. Watercolor pouch! It's so pretty and summery.
  13. Watercolor pouch gets my vote!
  14. I forgot to say I like the watercolor pouch too. :tup:
  15. they had all 4 of those 25% off at Nordstrom, maybe you can save a few bucks

    I think the swingpacks are cutest for a 13 year old, but I know they do like the pouches (they're usually so little the can wear them over their shoulders)