Need help w/ dimension and product #!

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  1. Hi all...
    I'm trying to find a Prada bag through Nordstrom but since my local store doesn't carry Prada, the SA told me I'd need to find a product # for her to locate it in another store. I prefer to make all my purchases through Nordstrom so if it isn't available through them, I'll probably look for an available Prada model to suit my needs.
    This ( is the bag I am really interested in but I can't find the dimension or the product #.
    Can anyone help me with this?

    Also, since there is a possibility this model won't be available, I would love to get some suggestions for other models. I prefer the bag to be in nylon (I work in downtown and get rained on a lot) and fairly large enough to hold my work stuff.
  2. Hi,

    From what I was told, only a couple of Nordstroms actually carry Prada (for sure, one of them is the Bellevue, WA location)... so they might not have much in stock in terms of Prada... never did have luck finding what I wanted there. That said, the Nordstroms SAs have always been nice and helpful in searching for the purses I wanted.. they once found a Dior purse for me at Saks LV (are these stores related then in some way?)...

    This might not be much help... but I would suggest you call the Bellevue, WA store and describe to them the purse you are looking for if you can't find a product #. They've found a purse for me this way once. Maybe you can even direct them to the NM webpage.

    Good luck hunting!
  3. I wish this post had been up earlier. I was at NM in Charlotte and they do have this exact bag in the store, so I could have easily looked at the card in the bag.

    However, I did find it on Styledrops:

    The bag style ID on this one is BN1595. I believe it should be the same ID number for either color, but you should specify which color you want just in case the it's off a digit or two (Prada does that sometimes).