Need help..VIN# on my new car is incorrect...!

  1. I bought a used car over the weekend..

    and...the VIN# 's are normally 17 characters.

    Mine only had 15.

    Is there any chance b/c of this mistake on every sheet of my contract, that it may be voided?

    Please help.

    Thank you in advance...

  2. Better go back to the dealer. I don't even think you can get insurance if the VIN's don't match.
  3. Go back to the dealer. On my car, there are a couple of places where my VIN is listed. By the windshield, inside of the door and on my engine. Check around your car to see if all of them match - if not, you may have a car with stolen parts. Could it be that you just can't see the last 2 numbers?
  4. Yeah this has happened to me when I first got my new car. The dealer wrote down the VIN number to another car. I don't want to be to negative, but it was a NIGHTMARE... because of the dealers BAD mistake my insurance was all messed up and thank goodness my mom helped me out so much because I was lost! The whole process took over a month to fix and it was just a huge mess. Make sure you go back to the dealer and they fix it.

    I hope you have better luck fixing your situation and if you need any help/advice you can pm me. I have been there and it is not fun to go through.

  5. thanks everyone.

    there are other things to this story.

    im goin in today to hope that this whole contract can be voided b/c i dont feel too good about this dealer.

    my car was suppose to be sent off to the body shop on sunday like they told me, and yesterday i swung by (monday evening ,6PM) to drop off papers...the car was still sittin in the back. they lied. and said they needed cash before they can "send it off"..when i gave them $2,000 on my credit card as a down. does any 1 know if its right for me to call my CC to cancel that transaction?

    any1 know the law? on all of my papers, the 15 digit-incorrect VIN# is showing. i want everything i hope.
  6. exactly. i called my insur to get it..and they were like " uh, 2 #'s are missing"
  7. i didnt look at the VIN myself to match on the car.

    on ALL of my papers(contracts) they are all typed out incorrectly or correctly but w/ a false #.

    even if it's missing 2 #'s , do u think they would have to VOID those papers & re-do it?:hrmm::s

  8. Wow that sounds so shady. You may want to check with the police/dmv/etc. Something fishy is going on.