Need Help(Used Speedy price/photos)!

  1. Hi!
    a 100% positive feed back ebayer(she is MPRS,)
    wants to sells me a speedy 25.
    tha bag is 2 years old,and ,in my opinion(but i'm not an expert),is in excelent condition.
    she asks me 350 euros(460 $).Here in Italy the Speedy 25 NEW costs 415 euros(545$).
    what do you think?
    i buy it used(i save 65 euros)or i have to buy it New?
    IMG_0062.JPG IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0074.JPG IMG_0810.JPG
  2. other photos:

    THank you for your answer!!
    IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0802.JPG IMG_0809.JPG IMG_0059.jpg
  3. I think the price is fine since the bag is in such a great condition! Let us know if you decide to get it!
  4. The Speedy is in great condition - will you buy it directly from her, so no shipping charges ? If yes, I think it's a good deal.
    If not, think about the S&H and possibly the custom fees...
  5. good question!
    the price(350 euros)is inclusive of S&H,and there isn't custom fees(we live in different city but same state):yes:
  6. For such a minor price difference, I would buy from the boutique. Personally speaking, that would ensure you pick exactly the bag you want.
  7. The price looks great! And, Speedy condition is good! Yep, it's a great deal!
    But for me, I love to buy the new one if it's still available in the store!
  8. Great then! I love the patina on the bag and I don't have a problem with preloved LV's (I personally don't like the almost white vachetta but it's really a question of taste - you might like it :yes: ) so I think it's a good deal. Let us know what you decide :yes:
  9. I tend to agree. Pre-owned is fine but in this instance the saving is not so great.

    I think get a new one.
  10. Stefy, go for it! it's a great bag! it's difficult to find a lovely pre-owned bag in such a gorgeous condition!
  11. thank you!
  12. the bag looks good... but i also think that it's not a huge difference from getting a new one from the boutique. why not just purchase it new?
  13. since the savings is not that great, i think ya should buy a brand new one.
  14. I would go buy a new one. There is something special about getting it from the store and it being brand new. There isn't much of a price difference - not saving all that much. I will admit though that it does look like it's in mint condition.
  15. To me a new one would be better, with the whole experience of buying in the store