Need Help! Urgent!

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  1. Hi all chanellovers :smile:

    I need your opinion about my problem. I always wanted having Jumbo Black GHW , but my reseller having Jumbo Red 12A . It's new and in a good price.

    The problem is,, I confused choosing between black ghw or red 12A.

    My recent collection :
    1. Reissue 227 black ghw
    2. M/L beige ghw
    3. Kisslock clutch gold ghw

    Which one should I choose?

    I want this jumbo look elegant, classic, neutral, timeless, easy to mix and match, and long lasting in my collection.

    Please help me decide and tell me your opinion.

  2. If you feel you can hold out longer on your first choice I say go for the red jumbo.

    But only if you feel you'll love it. Don't jump the gun if you don't think it's worth the purchase.
  3. If you really love the Jumbo Red and want it in your collection get it. You can get a black jumbo at a later stage.
  4. Red is awesome! Use mine all the time. Makes a real statement and goes with most anything!
  5. I vote for red! Both red and black are elegant, chic and timeless. If your able to grab the red now, then do it because this shade of red would be hard to get later on. A black flap you can always get down the road ;)
  6. Get the red :smile:
  7. I would suggest the red but only if you love it. I am sure you can get a black jumbo GHW later on if you're going the pre-loved route. :biggrin:
  8. In your words "reseller having Jumbo Red 12A . It's new and in a good price", I wouldn't miss it! :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone for your opinion.

    I went to my reseller's boutique and saw red 12A in real life. Then I decide to not take it. My reasons are I do like GHW very much, I do like the normal caviar, not the soft caviar, and last reason is red 12A is not the type of red I want.

    My favorite and I wanted so bad is still black GHW. Thank you for your contribution :smile:
  10. May I ask what boutique is it?
  11. Good decision :smile: